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      • The R&B music that is pre-dominant now is contemporary R&B. it is not necessarily the same as the original R&B because it is a combination of pop, hip hop and funk. R&B basically describes popular music that is influenced by African culture even though the styles keep changing.
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  2. CONTEMPORARY R&B | Definition of CONTEMPORARY R&B by Oxford ... › definition › contemporary_r&b

    Any of various styles of popular music of African-American origin, typically drawing on elements of soul, funk, disco, hip hop, and electronic dance music, and featuring a smooth vocal style.

  3. Rhythm and blues - Wikipedia › wiki › Rhythm_and_blues

    Rhythm and blues, often abbreviated as R&B, is a genre of popular music that originated in African-American communities in the 1940s. The term was originally used by record companies to describe recordings marketed predominantly to urban African Americans, at a time when "urbane, rocking, jazz based music with a heavy, insistent beat" was becoming more popular.

  4. Contemporary R&B - Music Genres - Rate Your Music › genre › Contemporary+R&B

    Contemporary R&B is a form of popular music that emerged in the US in the early 1980s.

  5. The Origins and History of R&B Music - LiveAbout › what-is-randb-music-2851217

    Sep 27, 2018 · Rhythm & Blues (abbreviated R&B) is a term used to describe the blues-influenced form of music which has been predominantly performed by African-Americans since the late 1930s.

  6. rhythm and blues | Definition, History, Artists, Songs ... › art › rhythm-and-blues

    Alternative Title: R & B Rhythm and blues, also called rhythm & blues or R&B, term used for several types of postwar African-American popular music, as well as for some white rock music derived from it.

  7. What Is a Brief History of R&B Music? - Reference › world-view › brief-history-r-b

    Mar 27, 2020 · Rhythm and blues music originated in the 1940s when African-American artists combined blues-style song structures and jazz instrumentation with the heavier sound of electric guitars and bass.

  8. R&B was predominantly for the African American race. It was originally called “race music” and was usually only performed or listened to by the black race. R&B was a combination of jazz, hip hop, gospel, and the blues.

  9. R&B Music Meaning Rhythm And Blues Soul Stock Illustration ... › r-b-music-meaning-rhythm

    Illustration about R&B Music Record Meaning Rhythm And Blues Soul. Illustration of contemporary, music, rhythm - 130561117

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