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  1. The Origins and History of R&B Music - LiveAbout › what-is-randb-music-2851217

    Sep 27, 2018 · R&B History . The "Rhythm & Blues" term was created to replace the designation "race music," which until then was the standard catch-all phrase used in reference to most music made by Black people at the time. After the "race music" term was deemed offensive, Billboard began using the Rhythm & Blues name that Wexler created.

  2. JAZZ | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary › dictionary › english

    jazz definition: 1. a type of modern music originally developed by African-Americans, with a rhythm in which the…. Learn more.

  3. Music journalism - Wikipedia › wiki › Music_journalism

    Music journalism has its roots in classical music criticism, which has traditionally comprised the study, discussion, evaluation, and interpretation of music that has been composed and notated in a score and the evaluation of the performance of classical songs and pieces, such as symphonies and concertos.

  4. Space music - Wikipedia › wiki › Space_music

    Space music appears in many film soundtracks and is commonly played in planetariums. According to Hill space music is an eclectic music produced almost exclusively by independent labels and it occupies a small niche in the marketplace, supported and enjoyed by a relatively small audience of loyal enthusiastic listeners.

  5. urban | meaning of urban in Longman Dictionary of ... › dictionary › urban

    From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Geography urban ur‧ban / ˈɜːbən $ ˈɜːr-/ W2 adjective [only before noun] 1 SG TOWN relating to towns and cities OPP rural → suburban unemployment in urban areas the deprived sections of the urban population see thesaurus at city 2 relating to music such as rap, R & B ...

  6. Gr 8 music q3 page 121 #mcspicyishere ... › teachermarley › gr-8-music-q3

    Jul 01, 2013 · 122 INTRODUCTION OBJECTIVES Listen to songs from Central Asia, South Asia, and West Asian countries alone and/or with others. Relate Central, Southern, and West Asian countries‟ music in the lives of the people. Analyze examples of music from Central, South Asia and West countries and describe how the elements are used.

  7. The devil's chord: A history of Satanism in popular music › article › long-reads

    Oct 31, 2016 · However, none of these early examples are inherently ‘Satanist’, they merely reference Satan as a fearful nemesis in a religious tale. It wouldn’t be until the emergence of blues and jazz music in the early 1900s before the so-called ‘Devil’s Music’ would find its true cultural footing.

  8. Festival | Definition of Festival by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › festival

    Festival definition is - of, relating to, appropriate to, or set apart as a festival. How to use festival in a sentence.

  9. Gospel | Definition of Gospel by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › gospel

    Gospel definition is - the message concerning Christ, the kingdom of God, and salvation. How to use gospel in a sentence.

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