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  1. Definitions of convent noun a religious residence especially for nuns see more noun a community of people in a religious order (especially nuns) living together see more Think you’ve got a good vocabulary? Take our quiz. ASSESSMENT: 100 POINTS explicable means : knowledgeable extinguishable approachable understandable Usage Examples All sources

  2. 1. Be aware that most of these are not hotels. Their purpose is different and so don’t expect fancy rooms. And, the bathroom may be down the hall and shared with others. 2. Most convents and monasteries have curfews. You cannot come in just any time you please, which may limit you if you like to stay out late.

  3. convent. (n.) c. 1200, covent, cuvent, "association or community of persons devoted to religious life," from Anglo-French covent, from Old French convent, covent "monastery, religious community," from Latin conventus "assembly," used in Medieval Latin for "religious house," originally past participle of convenire "to come together, meet together, assemble; unite, join, combine; agree with, accord; be suitable or proper (to)," from assimilated form of com "with, together" (see con-) + venire ...

  4. Jan 26, 2023 · It was originally repurposed as a convent for the religious sisters from Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, who served on the faculty and staff of Padua Academy. After the number of...

  5. Dec 20, 2020 · Jessie London. MA Creative Writing (UEA) | PGCE English (Durham) | BA Hons Literature (UNN). Tech Entrepreneur for 15 years. Now a full-time Author & Writer of fiction & fact.

  6. Jan 25, 2023 · LYNN — St. Mary of the Sacred Heart Parish agreed to sell its 585 Boston St. convent building to Chelsea’s House, a halfway house program for women in addiction recovery,

  7. The Biological Society of St. Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando, is comprised of roughly 25 members and is led by Ms. Nymn and the co-presidents: Deysha Carr and Sydney Mohammed. Chess The Chess Club of St. Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando is a revived club with roughly 60 members.

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