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  1. 1 Degree Fahrenheit = 460.67 Rankine

  2. How to convert Fahrenheit to Rankine. 0 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to 459.67 degrees Rankine: 0 °F = 459.67 °R. The temperature T in degrees Rankine (°R) is equal to the temperature T in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) plus 459.67: T (°R) = T (°F) + 459.67. Example. Convert 68 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Rankine: T (°R) = 68°F + 459.67 = 527 ...

  3. How to convert Rankine to Fahrenheit. 0 degrees Rankine is equal to -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit: 0 °R = -459.67 °F. The temperature T in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) is equal to the temperature T in Rankine (°R) minus 459.67: T (°F) = T (°R) - 459.67. Example. Convert 300 Rankine to degrees Fahrenheit: T (°F) = 300°R - 459.67 = -159.67 °F ...

  4. Aug 12, 2011 · This shows the formulae also and has the calculator, but the methodology of display is quite different.) We have created a chart of the formulas needed to convert temperature to and from Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Réaumur, and Rankine. We have also created a temperature converter from those formulae, for your (Type "A" personality QUICK) use.

  5. If interested, this site has a Celsius to Fahrenheit section, which also features a temperature conversion calculator, formula and tables. Fahrenheit To Celsius Formula. The calculator above uses the following formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius:

  6. The temperature scales used in this formula were created by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686 – 1736), and William John Macquorn Rankine (1820-1872). Given the Rankine scale was invented many years after the Fahrenheit scale, it's probable William Rankine also created this formula for converting Fahrenheit to Kelvin.

  7. Temperature scale conversion Please be aware there is the absolute zero - the coldest temperature possible in the Universe. It is zero kelvin (-459.67°F, -273.15°C).

  8. Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Rankine. Language. Metric Conversion > Metric Conversion Table > Temperature tables. Temperature tables.

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