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    Coptic and demotic Egyptian are very similar to the earlier Egyptian language written in the hieroglyphic script. Coptic flourished as a literary language from the 2nd to 13th centuries, and its Bohairic dialect continues to be the liturgical language of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria .

  2. Pope Benjamin I of Alexandria, 38th Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.He is regarded as one of the greatest patriarchs of the Coptic Church. Benjamin guided the Coptic church through a period of turmoil in Egyptian history that included the fall of Egypt to the Sassanid Empire, followed by Egypt's reconquest under the Byzantines, and finally the Arab Islamic Conquest in 642.

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    English: The Coptic flag created in 2005 by Coptic activists to represent Coptic communities both in Egypt and in the diaspora. However, the flag is not officially accepted by the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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    The Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan of Jerusalem is the only Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan who is consecrated as a Metropolitan Archbishop without being consecrated a bishop first and then elevated to the Metropolitan rank later, as is the norm in all episcopal consecration according to the tradition of the Church of Alexandria.

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    Depends :) Ethnologue marked Coptic as Dormant (not Dead), as it is still used by church (similar to the Latin status). -- ⲡⲓⲙⲟⲩⲓ 10:00, 12 August 2017 (UTC) Support, if anybody will edit this wiki. Ilya Drakonov 17:35, 15 March 2016 (UTC). Support, I guess that the Coptic Wikipedia has to exist in families of Wikipedia.

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    Coptic Orthodox Christianity is the indigenous form of Christianity that, according to tradition, the apostle Mark established in Egypt in the middle of the 1st century AD (approximately 42). The Church belongs to the Oriental Orthodoxy, and the see of Alexandria in Coptic Christianity has been a distinct church body since the Council of Chalcedon in 451. It's leader is the Pope of Alexandria ...

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    Starting in the 1970s, Canada has been receiving a greater number of these immigrants, and the number of Coptic immigrants into Canada has been growing ever since. According to the census, there were over 10,000 Orthodox Copts in Canada by the year of 2001 — an increase from only 5,000 in 1991.

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    In the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, this calendar is the Coptic Calendar, which corresponds largely to the calendars of other Christian denominations. Observance of the fasting periods is very strict in the Coptic community.

  9. Coptic people are an ethnoreligious group that form the largest Christian group in Libya, the Coptic Orthodox Church in the country having an estimated 60,000 adherents. The Coptic Church is known to have historical roots in Libya long before the Arabs advanced westward from Egypt into Libya.

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