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    Welcome to . The COPWATCH DATABASE is now open to the general public... The Copwatch Database is a permanent, searchable repository of complaints filed against police officers.

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    Copwatch is an education program and app for the Australian Aboriginal Community to help improve engagement, trust and accountability between police and Aboriginal people.

  3. What we have been seeing the last couple days is the beginning of a pacification campaign. Police violence is growing an uncontrollable and leaderless movement and now that the rabbit has the gun, the state is working on overdrive to pacify a popular rebellion before it creates space for substantial change.

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    WeCopwatch. 44K likes. Watch and Record. Know Your Rights. Let the World Know.

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  5. Copwatch is a non-violent, non-confrontational citizen advocacy organization. We strive to help end police misconduct, brutality, and abuse of power through direct observation of the police in the streets and advocating for their victims after the event.

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    Athens County Copwatch. Policing the police using research, facts, and first-hand accounts.

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    WeCopwatch Mission . The primary goal of WeCopwatch is to watch the police, to educate and empower the public by informing people about Copwatch as a community defense tool, and to teach people about their rights in the event they are stopped by the police.

  8. Footer -- Our Mission Our Mission. CorpWatch works to promote environmental, social and human rights at the local, national and global levels by holding multinational corporations accountable for their actions.

  9. Berkeley Copwatch: Monitoring police activity in our streets is the first step toward police accountability.