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  1. Gulftown - Wikipedia

    Gulftown or Westmere-EP is the codename of an up to six-core hyperthreaded Intel processor able to run up to 12 threads in parallel. It is based on Westmere microarchitecture, the 32 nm shrink of Nehalem. Originally rumored to be called the Intel Core i9, it is sold as an Intel Core i7.

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  2. Core i9 ''Gulftown'' Comes to Life | TechPowerUp

    Intel's posterboy processor for the 32 nm Westmere architecture, the six-core Gulftown is now living, breathing silicon. The company seems to have already dispatched samples of the chip. Gulftown is based on the LGA-1366 socket. Featuring 6 cores and 12 threads with HyperThreading enabled, it holds ...

  3. And it is none other than the Gulftown that is the central figure of today's article. The Gulftown core. Like Conroe (Core 2 Duo 65 nm) and Penryn (Core 2 Duo 45 nm), Gulftown has a whole lot in common with Bloomfield. In short, we can say that the Bloomfield has been given two cores and some third-level cache love.

  4. Intel's Core i9 (Gulftown) Platform Review Benchmarks ...

    Nov 26, 2009 · Here's some interesting background info culled from the BSN site on the naming conventions of the i9, also known as the sexa-core, duodec-thread Gulftown. Gulftown processor will use the LGA-1366 socket, already a home for the current Core i7-900 series of processors, so Gulftown will continue to feature 216-bit [64-bit +8-bit ECC per channel ...

  5. Gulftown to be Core i9?

    Intel has decided to launch it's 6 core 12 thread Gulftown processor as the Core i9 Intel's upcoming flagship client processor, codenamed Gulftown will get the higher Core i9 marker. This 6-core chip will have every performance enhancing feature in the book available, including a total thread count of 12, and a 50% increase in L3 cache over ...

  6. The following is a list of Intel Core i9 brand microprocessors.They were introduced in May 2017 for LGA 2066 chips, also known as Intel Core X-series processors. With their high number of cores, high power draw, high thermal output, and high performance, they are intended to be used by enthusiasts.

  7. Intel's Core i9 (Gulftown) Platform Review Benchmarks ...

    If you can't wait till its release early next year (only a few months away actually) here are some benchmarks culled from various sites who already tested the i9, also known as Gulftown. Particularly for tasks such as 3D modeling and video encoding, the 2.8GHz Core i9 is about 50 percent faster than a Core i7 at the same clock speed.

  8. Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition Gulftown 6-Core 3.33 GHz ...

    -Processor: Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition Gulftown 3.33GHz 6 x 256KB L2 Cache 12MB L3 Cache LGA 1366 130W Six-Core Desktop Processor BX80613I7980X -Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 580 3072 MB GDDR5 PCB PCI Express 2.0 2DVI/Mini-HDMI SLI Ready 03G-P3-1584-AR Video Card

  9. Intel® Core™ i9 Processors

    The first 9th Gen Intel® Corei9 desktop processor with 8-cores and 16 threads, up to 5 GHz frequency and a fully unlocked. Amazing Mobile Performance The first mobile Intel® processor with up to 6-cores and 12 threads, featuring the new Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost (Intel® TVB) technology and a fully unlocked K-series SKU.

  10. Gulftown - Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure

    Intel Core i9 (Gulftown o Westmere-EP) és un processador de sis microprocessadors d'Intel, que fa servir l'arquitectura Westmere.Al contrari que el seu predecessor, l'Intel Core i7, està fabricat en 32 nm i és capaç d'executar fins a 12 fils en paral·lel.