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  1. Cormac and Marianne Wibberley - Wikipedia

    Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley (also known as The Wibberleys) are an American husband and wife screenwriting team. They have been writing together since 1991, and made their first screenplay sale in 1993.

    • Screenwriter, producer
    • October 28, 1959 (age 60), California, United States
  2. Cormac and Marianne Wibberley — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

    Cormac and Marianne Wibberley are an American husband and wife screenwriting team. They have been writing together since 1991, and made their first screenplay sale in 1993. [citation needed] They have been credited writers on films including National Treasure, I Spy, The 6th Day and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

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  4. G-Force (film) - Wikipedia

    G-Force is a 2009 American family adventure comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.Directed by Hoyt Yeatman and written by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley with a story by Yeatman, the film is his directorial debut, having earlier worked in the area of visual effects alongside co-founding Dream Quest Images.

  5. Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle | Charlie's Angels Wiki | Fandom's_Angels...
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    After rescuing U.S. Marshal Ray Carter (Robert Patrick) in Mongolia, the Angels: Natalie Cook (Cameron Diaz) Dylan Sanders (Drew Barrymore) and Alex Munday(Lucy Liu) together with John Bosley's adoptive brother Jimmy Bosley (Bernie Mac) are sent to recover H.A.L.O. (Hidden Alias List Operation) titanium rings stolen from the United States Department of Justice which can display the people listed in the witness protection program. DOJ official William Rose Bailey (Bruce Willis) and a protected witness, Alan Caulfield (Eric Bogosian) are among those killed. At Caulfield's house in San Bernardino, the Angels track his assassin Randy Emmers (Rodrigo Santoro) to a beach where they meet with former Angel Madison Lee (Demi Moore). During the Coal Bowl motorcycle race, Emmers targets another witness named Max Petroni (Shia LaBeouf), but is killed by the Thin Man (Crispin Glover). Inside Emmers' pocket, the Angels discover the photos of Caulfield, Max, and, surprisingly, Dylan, under her bir...

    Client: Roger Wixon, senior director of the FBI Assignment: Retrieve the stolen HALO rings. Complications: One of the purported victims was in league with the mastermind, who was herself a former Angel. She in turn hired Dylan's ex-boyfriend who was out for revenge. Romantic Entanglements: Natalie moved in with her boyfriend, Pete. Alex resumed her relationship with Jason Gibbons. Dylan finds love with and kisses Anthony aka the Thin Man only for him to be stabbed by Seamus and thrown of the roof to his supposed death. Dylan avenges him by throwing Seamus of the roof in revenge. Outcome:The antagonists all ended up dead. The rings were successfully retrieved.

    Ray Carter: I'm afraid I underestimated you guys. Natalie:Yeah, that happens a lot. Alex: Case closed. Nat, move in. Dylan thinks he's hot. Dylan: What do you mean? Alex:You always fall for the bad guy. Madison:Aw, the Angels' ass-kicking pose. I have to admit, seeing the three of you does give me this little twinge of nostalgia for the old days. But back then, it was a little bit different. You see, when I was an Angel we used guns.

    This story featured Jimmy Bosley instead of his brother, John Bosley.
    Jaclyn Smith appears as Kelly Garrett in a cameo, making her the only TV Angel to appear in the film series, and only the second actor from the original series after John Forsythe. (This doesn't in...
  6. Cormac Wibberley - IMDb

    Cormac Wibberley, Writer: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Cormac Wibberley was born on October 28, 1959 in California, USA as Cormac O'Connor Wibberley. He is a writer and producer, known for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003), The 6th Day (2000) and National Treasure (2004). He has been married to Marianne Wibberley since October 29, 1983. They have one child.

  7. Interview (Written): Marianne and Cormac Wibberley | by Scott ...

    Oct 22, 2016 · A Script magazine interview with husband and wife screenwriting duo Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, whose movie credits include National Treasure and its sequel, Bad Boys 2, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, G-Force, The Shaggy Dog, and I Spy.

  8. Leonard Wibberley - Wikipedia

    Death. Wibberley died of a heart attack in Santa Monica, California, aged 68, on 22 November 1983. Legacy. Wibberley donated manuscripts and proofs of many of his works to The Leonard Wibberley Archive of the library collections of the University of Southern California, where they are available, but not online.

  9. Cormac - Wikipedia

    Cormac is a masculine given name in the Irish and English languages. The name is ancient in the Irish language and is also seen in the rendered Old Norse as Kormákr . Mac is Irish for "son", and can be used as either a prefix or a suffix.

  10. Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - Wikipedia

    Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is a 2003 American action comedy film directed by McG and written by John August, and Cormac and Marianne Wibberley.It is the sequel to 2000's Charlie's Angels and the second installment in the Charlie's Angels film series, which is a continuation of the story that began with the television series of the same name by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts.

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