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    A syndicated anti-corruption media blog of the Houma-Choctaw People. Corruption Sucks Blog. We are here to expose it.

  2. Corruption sucks - General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums

    Mar 08, 2020 · Essences at least give some possibilty to have fun, click a spell to do stuff. Corruption is just passive RNG dps and based on RNG, and the corruption effects are just lame and annoying. -Get a needed level of corruption, and get stunned by boss and get destroyed by corruption-RNG-proc-ring at same time. -Do fight normally and look at damage meters after fight, “oh seems like this rng thing ...

  3. CORRUPTION SUCKS: Nashville Lawyer Mark Kovach leaves ...

    Jul 05, 2020 · A syndicated anti-corruption media blog of the Houma-Choctaw People. Corruption Sucks Blog. We are here to expose it.

  4. 10 Disturbing Signs That The FBI Is Corrupt - Listverse
    • FISA-Gate. In March 2017, President Trump made the startling claim that the Obama administration had surveilled Trump Tower during the 2016 election. Trump was ridiculed by the media for making this unverified allegation, but it now appears that at least one member of Trump’s campaign team was surveilled by members of the outgoing administration.
    • Bruce Ohr’s Wife. Bruce Ohr was the Department of Justice (DOJ) official who originally delivered the so-called “Russia dossier” to the FBI. Ohr was demoted in December 2017 for failing to inform the DOJ of his meetings with employees of Fusion GPS, the opposition research company that authored the dossier.
    • Andrew McCabe’s Wife. In late 2015, Jill McCabe, the wife of recently retired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, ran a failed campaign for a Virginia state senate seat.
    • The Insurance Policy. In August 2016, Peter Strzok sent Lisa Page a text message that seems to reference a meeting held among Strzok, Page, and Andrew McCabe, who was deputy director of the FBI at the time.
  5. Feb 04, 2020 · Corruption Is Perfectly Balanced! (WoW Funny Moments) The NEW Corruption system in BFA 8.3 Season 4 is perfectly balanced and there is nothing wrong with it ...

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  6. Legendary Cloak Corruption Resistance Cap Increased to ...

    Sep 08, 2020 · While I quite agree that loading Expedient III on my Resto Druid is too much, compared to beta it absolutely sucks. A middle ground should be met, IMHO. Beta gameplay feels very very slow. VERY slow. Comment by VSozonov on 2020-09-08T17:01:53-05:00. Hoping for at least 3 weeks with max corruption resistance.

  7. With more testing done with the Mythic+ cache, it seems that the Ny'alotha Corrupted Weapon effects have multiple tiers, with matching values of Corruption, and can roll on more than just Weapons. We've seen these "weapon" effects on Trinkets, Belts and Rings from the Weekly Mythic+ cache. Thanks to Jeathebelle for helping test this.

  8. DeSantis has become the most corrupt governor in the U.S ...

    Sep 26, 2019 · While other Republican governors were either backing the investigation into Donald Trump’s corruption—or at least holding off judgment until more facts are known—Floridians were a tad ...

  9. Corruption - Corruption of Champions II

    Corruption also makes you more vulnerable to demonic influence. The higher your score, the more easily demon-type enemies can use their special abilities on you. Furthermore, having a Corruption above Pure will cause your Libido to grow faster: any time you gain a +Libido event, Libido increases by an additional +1 per category above Pure.

  10. 10 Biggest Scandals Of The Obama Presidency - Listverse

    Nov 07, 2019 · Revealed by an IRS official in 2013, the agency’s program also targeted liberal groups, but to a much smaller extent. A number of high-ranking officials were forced to resign as investigations delved further into the corruption; however, according to a 2014 House Republican report, Obama was not linked to any of the decisions made by the IRS. [1]