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  1. Philipp I, Count of Hanau-Münzenberg

    Countess Palatine Margaret of Mosbach Count Philipp I of Hanau-Münzenberg , nicknamed Philipp the Younger , (20 September 1449, at Windecken Castle – 26 August 1500) was a son of Count Reinhard III of Hanau and Countess Palatine Margaret of Mosbach.

  2. March 2 - march .. Info | About | What's This?

    1432 – the Countess Palatine Margaret of Mosbach, Countess consort of Hanau D. 1457. 1989 – andré Bernardes Santos, Portuguese footballer. 1886 – Kurt Grelling, a German logician and philosopher D. 1942. 1973 – Dejan Bodiroga, Serbian basketball player. 1980 – Chris Barker, English footballer and Manager.

  3. 1432 – Countess Palatine Margaret of Mosbach, countess consort of Hanau d. 1457 ; 1948 – Larry Carlton, American guitarist and songwriter ; 1966 – Simon Reevell, English lawyer and politician ; 1982 – Henrik Lundqvist, Swedish ice hockey player ; 1989 – Chris Woakes, English cricketer ; 1989 – Andre Bernardes Santos, Portuguese footballer

  4. Katharina of Nassau-Beilstein

    Life. She was the daughter of Count Henry II of Nassau-Beilstein [1] and his wife, Katharina of Randerode. By marriage, she was a Countess of Hanau. She married on 18 January 1407 to Lord Reinhard II of Hanau, who was raised to Count of Hanau in 1429.

  5. Reinhard IV, Count of Hanau-Münzenberg

    Reinhard IV made several journeys in his youth: in 1493 to the Palatine court at Heidelberg and in 1495 to the Diet of Worms. Government. From 1496 to 1500, Reinhard IV acted as co-ruler alongside his father who was already disabled by old age. He was the first count to use the name Hanau-Münzenberg

  6. I32781: Amadeus DE MONTBÈLIARD (1130 - >1195)

    His mother was a fourth-generation descendant of Thomas III of Piedmont (1248 - 1282), the eldest son of Thomas II of Savoy. From the death of Louis III in 1436 until 1442, Louis IV ruled under guardianship of his uncle, Count Palatine Otto I of Mosbach. In 1444 he repelled the attacks of the Armagnacs as an Imperial captain.

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  8. United States Congress Joint Committee on the Library

    The Joint Committee on the Library is a joint committee of the United States Congress devoted to the affairs and administration of the Library of Congress, which is the library of the federal legislature.

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