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  1. Description: This map shows governmental boundaries, countries and their capitals in South America.

  2. The term Central America refers to the land bridge between the continents of North and South America; it borders the Pacific Ocean in the southwest and the Caribbean Sea in the northeast. There are seven countries in Central America namely Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

  3. Oct 12, 2020 · The country ranks well not only in South America but globally in terms of safety. Chile is an excellent country to explore. On a Santiago city tour , experience great food and drink and some fabulous markets, while Valparaiso only 2-hours away, oozes old-world maritime charm mixed with artsy bohemian cool.

  4. The South American Capitals like Santiago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo etc. hold a worldwide recognition and are amongst the list of topmost visited cities of the continent with very high living standards. Countries and Capitals of South American continent are diverse and are greatly influenced by the North American as well as the European cultures.

  5. Jun 15, 2022 · To give you a bit of context before we dive into the safest countries in South America, as of 2021, the United Kingdom sits at 33 (score 1.658) on the Global Peace Index, the USA sits at 122 (score 2.337) and Australia comes in at number 16 (score 1.47). The most dangerous country, according to the index, is Afghanistan which sits at position 163.

  6. Jul 07, 2021 · Top 5 Cheapest Countries in South America. This list is in reverse order, with number 1 being the cheapest country in South America. 5. Paraguay. Currency: Paraguayan Guaraní. Exchange rate: 1USD=6,767PYG. Bed in a dorm room: 80,000PYG ($12USD) A hotel room in a major city: 200,000-450,000PYG ($30-$60USD) Street food: 13,000-18,000PYG($2-3USD)

  7. Mar 17, 2022 · For a heads up, here is an unordered list with four of the safest countries in South America that are trending right now. Ecuador. Chile. Uruguay. Paraguay. Many factors account for the safest country, but these trending countries in South America will give you a good idea.

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