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  1. Nov 15, 2022 · Currently, the Caribbean region comprises 13 sovereign countries and many ...

  2. Other than 13 Caribbean island countries, three continental mainland countries, namely Belize, ...

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    The geography and climate in the Caribbean region varies: Some islands in the region have relatively flat terrain of non-volcanic origin. These islands include Aruba(possessing only minor volcanic features), Curaçao, Barbados, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Saint Croix, the Bahamas, and Antigua.

  4. The Caribbean, long referred to as the West Indies, includes more than 7,000 islands; of those, 13 are independent island countries ( shown in red on the map ), and some are dependencies or overseas territories of other nations.

  5. Apr 16, 2021 · List of Caribbean Countries in Alphabetical Order. The correct list of Caribbean countries in ...

  6. May 26, 2023 · To the south it is bounded by the coasts of Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama; to the west by Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico; to the north by the Greater Antilles islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico; and to the east by the north-south chain of the Lesser Antilles, consistin...

  7. Political map of Caribbean with countries. 3500x2408 / 1,12 Mb Go to Map. Caribbean Location Map

  8. Jul 8, 2019 · Haiti Anne-Marie Weber/Getty Images Area: 10,714 square miles (27,750 sq km) Population: 10,646,714 Capital : Port au Prince Haiti is the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean, though its neighboring country, the Dominican Republic, has the tallest peak. The Bahamas Pola Damonte via Getty Images/Getty Images

  9. 4 hours ago · KINGSTOWN, St Vincent (CMC) – Canada on Tuesday said it will allow visa-free travel to “known travellers” from 13 countries, including St Vincent and the Grenadines passport holders.

  10. Apr 14, 2023 · The World Bank in the Caribbean. Aruba. Bahamas. Barbados. Belize. Cayman Islands (U.K.) Curaçao (Netherlands) Guyana. Haiti. Jamaica. Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

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