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  1. The country of origin refers to the country of manufacture, production, or growth where a product or article comes from. Simply shipping a product through another country does not change the origin. If Cuban tobacco is purchased from Denmark, it does not change the country of origin to “Made in Denmark”.

  2. Rules of origin (ROOs) are listed in FTA agreements by HS product classification numbers: Australia, NAFTA, Chile, Colombia, CAFTA-DR, Korea, Singapore, Peru, and Panama. Other ROOs are based on a 35% appraised value method: Israel, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, and Oman. Three options for finding ROOs:

  3. The country-of-origin effect ( COE ), also known as the made-in image and the nationality bias, [1] is a psychological effect describing how consumers' attitudes, perceptions and purchasing decisions are influenced by products' country of origin labeling, which may refer to where: a brand is based, a product is designed or manufactured, or other …

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