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    The term Creole music ( French: musique créole) is used to describe both the early folk or roots music traditions of rural Creoles of Louisiana . Contents 1 Examples 2 History 3 Gottschalk 4 Good Hope Plantation, St. Charles Parish 5 The Louisiana Lady 6 Compilations and arrangements of Creole melodies 7 Louisiana Creole music 8 Notes 9 References

  2. Creole music may be rare but it is not the case that this kind of music does not exist today and is not performed today. It merits its own entry separate from Zydeco. Joining it with Zydeco would, I believe, mislead the reader. Les Amis Creole were recorded in 2006 and they perform today.

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    Creole music, a genre of folk music in Louisiana, the United States Performers and record labels La Compagnie Créole, French music group Kid Creole and the Coconuts, American music group The Kidd Creole (b. 1960), American rapper Creole Records, a record label Works La créole, an 1875 opéra comique, with music by Jacques Offenbach

  5. The following new features have been incorporated in this Haitian Creole- English dictionary. 1. The definite article that usually accompanies a noun is indicated. We urge the user to take note of the definite article singular ( a, la, anor lan) which is shown for each noun. Lanhas one variant: nan. 2.

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    Bajan / ˈ b eɪ dʒ ə n /, or Bajan Dialect, is an English-based creole language with African and British influences spoken on the Caribbean island of Barbados.Bajan is primarily a spoken language, meaning that in general, standard English is used in print, in the media, in the judicial system, in government, and in day-to-day business, while Bajan is reserved for less formal situations, in ...

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