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  1. Le créole désignant à l'origine l'européen né dans une colonie, le mot créolisation signifiait en fait l'intégration de la culture et les mœurs du dominant, à savoir ici le créole, par l'esclave. Linguistiquement parlant, créolisation est un processus socio-ethnique identique du processus de pidginisation.

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    Louisiana Creole music. "Louisiana Creole music", often reduced to "Creole music", designates a genre found in connection with Cajun music, zydeco, and swamp pop. The beginnings of this genre are associated with accordionist Amédé Ardoin (1896–1941), who, in the early 1930s, made influential recordings with Cajun fiddler Dennis McGee.

  3. La Compagnie Créole is a popular French pop band from French Guiana and the French West Indies, who started singing in the 1980s. They originally started singing in Creole but quickly adopted French as their main language. They are known mostly for the feel-good and happy-go-lucky quality reverberating in all of their songs: popular themes and ...

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  5. French music history dates back to organum in the 10th century, followed by the Notre Dame School, an organum composition style. Troubadour songs of chivalry and courtly love were composed in the Occitan language between the 10th and 13th centuries, and the Trouvère poet-composers flourished in Northern France during this period.

  6. Mauritian Creole or Morisien or formerly Morisyen (Morisyen: kreol morisien [kʁeol moʁisjɛ̃, -moʁiʃɛ̃]) is a French-based creole language spoken in Mauritius.In addition to the French base of the language, there are also a number of words from English and from the many African and Asian languages that have been spoken on the island.

    • 1,090,000 (2012 UNSD), 1,335,000 total speakers, L2 speakers: 200,000 (2016)
    • Latin
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    Cajun music (French: Musique cadienne), an emblematic music of Louisiana played by the Cajuns, is rooted in the ballads of the French-speaking Acadians of Canada.Cajun music is often mentioned in tandem with the Creole-based zydeco music, both of Acadiana origin, and both of which have influenced the other in many ways.

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