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  1. Crimean War - Wikipedia › wiki › Crimean_War

    The Crimean War was a military conflict fought from October 1853 to February 1856 in which Russia lost to an alliance made up of France, the Ottoman Empire, the United Kingdom and Sardinia. The immediate cause of the war involved the rights of Christian minorities in the Holy Land, then a part of the Ottoman Empire.

    • 16 October 1853 – 30 March 1856, (2 years, 5 months, 14 days)
    • Allied victory, Treaty of Paris
  2. Crimean War - HISTORY › topics › british-history

    Nov 09, 2009 · The Crimean War (1853-1856) stemmed from Russia’s threat to multiple European interests with its pressure of Turkey. After demanding Russian evacuation of the Danubian Principalities, British and...

    • The Crimean War

      • began October, 1853
        Result: Allied victory
      • ended March 30, 1856
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  4. Crimean War | Map, Summary, Combatants, Causes, & Facts ... › event › Crimean-War

    Feb 01, 2013 · Crimean War, (October 1853–February 1856), war fought mainly on the Crimean Peninsula between the Russians and the British, French, and Ottoman Turkish, with support from January 1855 by the army of Sardinia-Piedmont.

  5. 8 Facts About the Crimean War - HISTORY › news › 8-things-you-may-not-know
    • Religious tensions helped trigger the war. While it’s remembered as a clash of empires, the Crimean War was sparked by a seemingly minor religious dispute.
    • It wasn’t fought exclusively in Crimea. Its name notwithstanding, the Crimean War was a global conflict that featured several different theaters of battle.
    • The Allied forces weren’t very fond of one another. Though ostensibly united against Russia, the forces of Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire were not natural allies.
    • Most of the war was spent in an 11-month siege. After invading the Crimean Peninsula in the autumn of 1854, the Allied forces scored a victory at the Battle of the Alma and then besieged the vital Russian naval hub at Sevastopol.
  6. Crimean War | National Army Museum › explore › crimean-war

    The Crimean War (1854-56) was fought by an alliance of Britain, France, Turkey and Sardinia against Russia. It was the only major European conflict the Army engaged in between 1816 and 1914. For the British, the campaign was symbolised by military and logistical incompetence alongside the bravery and endurance of its soldiers.

  7. Crimean War - New World Encyclopedia › entry › Crimean_War

    The Crimean War lasted from March 28, 1853 until April 1, 1856 and was fought between Imperial Russia on one side and an alliance of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Second French Empire, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and to some extent the Ottoman Empire on the other.

  8. Crimean War | Military Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Crimean_War

    The Crimean War (pronounced / kraɪˈmiːən / or / krɨˈmiːən /) (October 1853 – February 1856) was a conflict in which Russia lost to an alliance of France, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, and (to a lesser extent) the Piedmont-Sardinia (The Kingdom of Sardinia). Austria, while neutral, played a role in stopping the Russians.

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