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  1. Crimes of Passion (1984 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Crimes_of_Passion_(1984_film)

    Crimes of Passion is a 1984 American erotic thriller film directed by Ken Russell and starring Kathleen Turner, Anthony Perkins, and John Laughlin. The film explores themes of human relationships and mental illness. A mix of sex and suspense, the film opened to controversy over its content and to negative reviews.

    • October 19, 1984 (United States)
    • Barry Sandler
  2. Crime of Passion (1957 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Crime_of_Passion_(1957_film)

    Crime of Passion (1957 film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Crime of Passion is a 1957 American film noir crime drama directed by Gerd Oswald and written by Jo Eisinger. The drama features Barbara Stanwyck, Sterling Hayden and Raymond Burr.

    • January 9, 1957 (New York City)
    • Herman Cohen
  3. Crimes of Passion (2013 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Crimes_of_Passion_(2013_film)

    Crimes of Passion (Chinese: 一場風花雪月的事) is a 2013 Chinese romance film directed by Gao Qunshu. It is a remake of the 1997 smash-hit TV series A Sentimental Story. Cast. Angelababy as Yueyue; Jae Hee as Jeong-hee; Huang Xiaoming as Xue Yu; Wei Zi; Su Qing; Cao Wei-Yu; Meng Tingyi as 小马; References

  4. Crimes of Passion (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Crimes_of_Passion_(TV_series)
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    Crimes of Passion International promotional poster GenreCrime Based onSix novels by Maria Lang Directed byBirger Larsen Christian Eklöw & Christopher Panov Peter Schildt Daniel Di Grado Molly Hartleb StarringTuva Novotny Linus Wahlgren Ola Rapace Theme music composerKarl & Pär Frid Country of originSweden Original languageSwedish No. of episodes6 Production ProducerReneé Axö CinematographyMats Axby Andres Rignell Rolf Lindström Jan Jonaeus Andréas Lennartsson Running time90 minutes...

    Set mainly in Bergslagen in the 1950s, the films follow Puck Ekstedt, her boyfriend Einar Bure, nicknamed Eje, and their friend, police superintendent Christer Wijk, as they solve various crimes.

    The title sequence theme music to the series was written and produced by artists Frid & Frid, and was sung by Isabella Lundgren. Frid & Frid also contributed most of the other incidental music throughout the six film episodes.

    The series was made by Pampas Produktion AB for Swedish television network TV4. Crimes of Passion is produced by Reneé Axö and the films are directed by Birger Larsen, Christian Eklöw, Christopher Panov, Molly Hartleb and Peter Schildt.

    • 6
    • 8 March –, 20 November 2013
    • Cinema & DVD
    • Karl & Pär Frid
  5. Crimes of Passion (1984 film) — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 › en › Crimes_of_Passion_(1984_film)

    Oct 26, 2020 · Crimes of Passion (1984 film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Crimes of Passion is a 1984 Amer­i­can erotic thriller film di­rected by Ken Rus­sell and star­ring Kath­leen Turner, An­thony Perkins, and John Laugh­lin. The film ex­plores themes of human re­la­tion­ships and men­tal ill­ness.

  6. Crime of passion - Wikipedia › wiki › Crime_of_passion
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    A crime of passion, in popular usage, refers to a violent crime, especially homicide, in which the perpetrator commits the act against someone because of sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage rather than as a premeditated crime.

    The "crime of passion" defense challenges the mens rea element by suggesting that there was no malice aforethought, and instead the crime was committed in the "heat of passion". In some jurisdictions, a successful "crime of passion" defense may result in a conviction for manslaughter or second degree murder instead of first degree murder, because a defendant cannot ordinarily be convicted of first degree murder unless the crime was premeditated. A classic example of a crime of passion involves a

    In recent decades, feminists and women's rights organizations have worked to change laws and social norms which tolerate crimes of passion against women. UN Women has urged states to review legal defenses of passion and provocation, and other similar laws, to ensure that such laws do not lead to impunity in regard to violence against women, stating that "laws should clearly state that these defenses do not include or apply to crimes of "honour", adultery, or domestic assault or murder." There ar

    In Australia, as in other common law jurisdictions, crimes of passion have traditionally been subjected to the partial defense of provocation, which converts what would have been murder into manslaughter. In recent years, the defense of provocation has come under increased critic

    Killing of wives due to adultery has been traditionally treated very leniently in Brazil, in court cases where husbands claimed the "legitimate defense of their honor" as justification for the killing. Although this defense was not explicitly stipulated in the 20th-century Crimin

    Prior to 1975, the French Penal Code of 1810 allowed lighter sentences for crimes of passion. Article 324 permitted the murders of an unfaithful wife and her lover at the hand of her husband, though only "at the moment" when the wife and her lover were " in the fact" by the husba

  7. Crime of passion (disambiguation) - Wikipedia › wiki › Crime_of_passion

    Crime of Passion (1957 film), directed by Gerd Oswald. Crimes of Passion (1984 film), directed by Ken Russell. Crimes of Passion (2013 film), directed by Gao Qunshu. Crimes of Passion (TV series), a Swedish television series. Crimenes de Lujuria ( Crimes of Passion ), a 2011 Mexican direct-to-video film featuring Alejandra Ambrosi.

  8. Crimes of Passion (1984) - IMDb › title › tt0087100

    Oct 19, 1984 · Crimes of Passion ( 1984) Crimes of Passion. A mysterious woman, fashion designer by day and prostitute by night, is hounded by two men: a married father of two children and a sexually repressed preacher.

  9. A Crime of Passion (TV Movie 2003) - IMDb › title › tt0349277

    Apr 11, 2003 · Based on the novel from best selling author Mary Higgins Clark, Frederica Dumay has everything--a gorgeous new husband and half ownership of a winery. But when her business partner's wife is murdered, Freddi suspects her partner's new love. While trying to discover the truth, an old boyfriend suggests looking into her new husband's background.

  10. Passion (2012 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Passion_(2012_film)

    Passion is a 2012 erotic thriller film written and directed by Brian De Palma, starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. It is an English-language remake of Alain Corneau 's 2010 thriller film Love Crime, but with the ending greatly altered. The film is an international co-production between France and Germany.

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