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  1. Criminal Law and Philosophy 1 3 2 DivergentConceptionsofCriminalRehabilitationintheLiterature Thoughrehabilitationhasbeenaninuentialconceptindebatesoncriminaljustice,

    • Lisa Forsberg, Thomas Douglas
    • 2020
  2. Rehabilitation Punishments to shape the future behavior of the criminal are considered rehabilitation. Utilitarians favor rehabilitation because it salvages one more person from becoming a criminal and transforms them into a productive law-abiding citizen. Deterrence, on the individual level, may have a similar effect to

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  3. spent on each criminal is finite, then the optimal way of reducing crime a balanced approach, where criminals are punished adequately while at the same time receiving enough incentives for rehabilitation. In the remainder of this Introduction, we motivate our work by including a brief discussion on recidivism and rehabilitation. In the

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  5. cost of rehabilitation [7,8]. When integrating the above theories and information, a dominant question develops: Does the public opinion of rehabilitation versus retribution align with the opinions of professionals in criminal justice and with the previous research that has been done on this topic? Additionally,

  6. An Overview of Criminological Theories. Classically-based criminologists explain criminal behavior as a conscious choice by individuals based on an assessment of the costs and benefits of various forms of criminal activity. Biologically-based criminologists explain criminal behavior as determined—in part—by the

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  7. Penal Law is an instrument of social change.2A healthy administration of criminal law is essential for a proper functioning of the constitutional democracy. 3 The successful rehabilitation of the offender is the responsibility of the criminal justice system.

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