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    Cryo Studios North America was a video game design studio based in Portland, Oregon, USA, and was a subsidiary of Cryo Interactive. Cryo Studios was founded as Dark Horse Interactive (DHI) in the late 1990s, a joint venture of Cryo Interactive and Dark Horse Comics, and based in Dark Horse's headquarters in Milwaukie, Oregon.

    • Paris, France
    • Paris, France (1990)
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    III ^ Release for Windows and PlayStation 2 was cancelled upon demise of Cryo Interactive. After publishing rights were subsequently acquired by developer Trecision in 2003, the game got a limited independent release, albeit stripped of its Zinedine Zidane license.

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  4. Cryo Interactive – Wikipedia › wiki › Cryo_Interactive

    Cryo Interactive oli ranskalainen videopelien kehittäjä ja julkaisija, joka virallisesti on perustettu vuonna 1992. Aiemmin epävirallisesti oli olemassa kehittäjäryhmä nimellä Cryo.

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    MegaRace is a racing video game developed by Cryo. It features pre-rendered 3-D graphics and over twenty minutes of full motion video of fictional game show host, Lance Boyle. It was released for DOS in 1993. It was then released for the Sega CD and the 3DO the following year. It spawned two sequels, MegaRace 2 and MegaRace 3

    • Cryo
    • DOS, EU: 1993, NA: 1993, Sega CD, NA: 1994, 3DO, NA: 1994, JP: October 7, 1994
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    The gameplay mechanic is based on the "Brain Bowler" minigame in Purple Saturn Day, an 'alien sports' compilation created by the Cryo team under the name ERE and published by Epyx. The music was designed by Stéphane Picq, and was co-credited to Philippe Eidel, and The Bulgarian Voices. It punctuated each action of the player or each event ...

    • Michel Rho
    • Cryo
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    Cryo was a French game company founded in 1990, when a small group, Exxos, left their parent company, ERE Informatique, and changed its name. In 1992, Cryo was registered as an official company and since this time they published variety of high-acclaimed games. In 2002, Cryo filed for bankruptcy, and their assets were absorbed by North American co-publisher DreamCatcher. Some of the developers went to launch Atlantis Interactive Entertainment. In October 2008, Microids retrieved all intellectual rights for Cryo games.

    1st logo

    There is a purple triangle depicting the anabiosis chamber with face inside. The word "Cryo" in a decorative (and very abstract) yellow font slides in from the bottom-left corner to the center, and "PRESENTS" in the futuristic white font appears at the bottom-right corner.

    2nd logo

    In a blue box, We see the female Android from Extase, which appears in an shell looking right to the bottom. The word "CRYO" in an orangy/brown color appears below.

    3rd logo

    We see the Female Android again, wearing a space suit with light playing, looking right. There is a red planet (presumably Mars) on the screen. The face slowly pans and turns to look on us, then it freezes and fades through black to the famous logo with a woman's face in blue cryo-tube (or a space suit). "CRYO" is seen below in the Dungeon font. The logo is taken into a box.

    1st logo


    3rd logo

    A wind-blowing sound ending with weird fading space synth. The quality of the sound depends on the platform.

    4th logo

    Re-imagined windy soundtrack with two fading alien synth notes, the second one being longer.The logo was silent on Commander Blood and it's sequel, and of course, Super Dany.

    1st logo

    Low. The cheesiness of the logo, along with the weird design and silence can turn some off.

    2nd logo

    Minimal. The android and silence may get to some.

    3rd logo

    Low to medium. The darkness is generally one thing, but some may be frightened by the close-up of the android's face. The music also doesn't help.

  8. Treasure Hunter (video game) - Wikipedia › wiki › Treasure_Hunter_(video_game)

    Tom Houston of Just Adventure gave the game a glowing review, despite the game not being published in the United States; he noted "you'll have to find the game or petition Cryo and Dreamcatcher to make Treasure Hunter available".

  9. Hopkins FBI - Wikipedia › wiki › Hopkins_FBI

    Hopkins FBI was originally released on July 16, 1998. PolyEx Software, Inc. released it for OS/2 Warp. The OS/2 beta release was in French. The small OS/2 market share necessitated cross platform development. The game is known to be one of the first commercial games to be available for Linux, alongside the ports of Doom, Quake and Quake II by ...

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    DreamCatcher Interactive was founded in 1996 in Toronto, Canada. Its first published title was Jewels of the Oracle. The company gradually drifted into becoming a publisher focused on the adventure genre after finding that "customers really were hungry for" these titles, according to DreamCatcher's Marshall Zwicker. Beyond Time was among the releases whose reception drew the publisher to this field. Profit reported that DreamCatcher located such projects via "networking at tradeshows and reviewing unsolicited game proposals." In 1999, DreamCatcher pushed its corporate strategy by launching Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy, The Forgotten: It Begins and The Crystal Key. The latter went on to be a major hit. DreamCatcher's top four titles for 2000 were Dracula: Resurrection, Traitors Gate, Beyond Atlantis and The Crystal Key. These games respectively made up 9%, 14%, 15% and 32% of DreamCatcher's sales that year. In March 2000, DreamCatcher was purchased by Cryo Interactive. Continuing...

    Note: This list is for titles which DreamCatcher Interactive published. Releases of games under The Adventure Companybanner are not included.

    DreamCatcher Interactive at MobyGames
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