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    Mar 07, 2021 · The DM will also have a hard time remembering all of the data on the world that would flesh it out well--like when I make up NPC names during sessions rather than consulting a name generator (I do both) they all tend to follow certain conventions that make them sound like names I made up, while name generators give more variety.

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    Aug 17, 2014 · Top 5 RPGs Compiled Charts 2004-Present Adventure Game Industry Market Research Summary (RPGs) V1.0 Ryan Dancey: Acquiring TSR Q&A With Gary Gygax TSR, WotC, & Paizo: A Comparative History D&D Pronunciation Guide Million Dollar TTRPG Kickstarters Biggest TTRPG Kickstarter Creators Tabletop RPG Podcast Hall of Fame Eric Noah's Unofficial D&D 3rd ...

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    Dec 09, 2014 · I've had a few situations where I needed a name in a hurry and had to cannibalize the list of NPCs in the wagon train. Once I got wise, I went to the FR wiki and culled a few names from there. If anyone knows of an FR-specific name generator, I'd love a link.

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    Sep 30, 2013 · The reason the village exists can even help you to figure out a name for the village. 1. Name the Village. The most important part of creating a village is the name. If you’re too lazy to bother with naming the village, then you might as well do what the rest of us GMs do and just make everything up as you go along.

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    Aug 21, 2020 · Also played a character called Amao Rufuran Tesla, accountant by day, elemental monk by night. This was while I had my physics courses in school and well before a certain Elon Musk popularized the name. My very first D&D character was a bard by the name of Sensiba, inspired by the island of Zanzibar.

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    Sep 16, 2002 · People would have to cut and paste the results. I am not sure how a name generator is allowed and this is not since they are the same thing. Rename: bob=one=1, steve=two=2, etc. If need be name it generic generator 1 and let us change bob to 1 ourselves.

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    Character builds. PCs and NPCs galore! Need help designing or optimizing your character or NPC? Character builds. Ask here! Or post your favourite builds for others to share. Character builds. Also the place to post your PCs for PbP games. Any game system welcome! Notice how I said "character...

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    Index. This is an archived index to various recovered parts of Eric Noah's old site. Back in 1999/2000, before the days of social networking and personal blogs, before Facebook and Google+ and Twitter, Eric Noah's website was THE place to go for news and rumours about the upcoming D&D 3rd Edition game.

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    Random Starship Name Generator PDF Star Log Deluxe: Aging Rules PDF Star Log Deluxe: Armored Solarian Options PDF Star Log Deluxe: Zoomer PDF Star Log.EM-006: Kyubi Paragon PDF Star Log.EM-015: Skinwalke PDF Star Log.EM-017: Gnolls PDF Star Log.EM-018: Msvokas PDF Star Log.EM-056: InsaneCorp's Delightfully Destructive Disintegrators PDF

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    Oct 31, 2020 · After my initial, successful D&D campaign, I ran another D&D game set in a different campaign setting that successfully wrapped up after three years, a D20 Modern/Call of Cthulhu setting that wrapped up after three years (but that my players later admitted they disliked), and an online Pathfinder campaign that ended after three years without ...

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