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      • The D augmented chord (D+) is a D Major chord, with a raised 5th. It contains the notes D, F# and A#. Each note of the D augmented chord is separated by an interval of a Major 3rd. Because every interval inside the D augmented chord is identical, it is known as a symmetrical chord.
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  2. D+ Guitar Chord Chart | D Augmented | Standard Tuning › tools › guitar-chords

    The D+ chord can also be known as Daug, D augmented chord. We are only showing you a handful of chord charts for this voicing. Enjoy over 950,000 voicings with membership .

  3. D+ Chord - JGuitar › chordsearch › D+

    D+ Chord. Show D+ results in Chord Calculator. Show me scales that sound good with a D+ chord. «. 1. 2. 3. ». Showing results 1 to 6 of 15 chord shapes.

  4. D Augmented Chord on the Guitar (D+) - Diagrams, Finger ... › d-augmented-chord

    Some Quick D+ Chord Theory The D augmented chord contains the notes D, F# and A#. The D+ chord is produced by playing the 1st (root), 3rd and sharp 5th note of the D Major scale. The D augmented chord (just like all augmented chords) contains the following intervals (from the root note): Major ...

  5. D Augmented Guitar Chord | Standard Guitar › d-augmented-guitar-chord

    D Augmented Guitar Chord - also known as D+ chord, Daug chord, D(#5) chord

  6. D+ guitar chord - GtrLib Chords › chords › D+

    D augmented guitar chord is also written as Daug or D+. Guitar chords chart for D augmented chord with suggested finger positions on the guitar fretboard is shown below.

  7. D+ Guitar Chord. Picture of a D+ guitar chord. › guitar_chords › D+_guitar_chord

    D+ guitar chord. Picture of an easy-to-play D+ guitar chord. Download Guitar Chord eBook. D+ guitar chord

  8. then select chord type (quality) from the list below. D Dm D+ D b5 D° Dsus2 Dsus2 b5 Dsus4 D5 Dsus24 D2 Dm #5 Dm sus2 Dm2 D6 D6m D6/9 DM ♯11 D7 DM 7 DM 7b5 DM 7sus2 DM 7sus4 DM 7sus24 Dm 7 D5 7 Dm M7 Dm M7b5 D+ M7 D+ 7 D Ø D o7 D 7b5 D7 ♯9 DM7 ♯9 Dm7 ♯9 D7 b9 DM7 b9 Dm7 b9 Dm M7b9 D+ M7b9 D+ 7b9 D Øb9 D o7b9 D 7b5b9 D7/6 D7/6sus2 D7 ...

  9. The intervals composing the D+(#11) chord are Root, Major Third, Augmented Fifth, and Sharp Eleventh. This chord is also spelled in the following ways: D Augmented Fifth Sharp Eleventh Added; D Aug#11; D #5#11; D+(#11) The D+(#11) chord is made up of the notes D, F#, A#, and G#

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