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  1. Grade Format. First select the course for which you want to calculate the GPA. Select the Letter grades present in the drop-down option in the second column of our GPA Calculator, starting from A+ to an F. Corresponding to the letter grades, the percentage grades are: Letter grade. Percentage.

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    In the USA, both high schools and colleges and universities usually calculate a GPA based on a 4-point grading scale. The system works like this: For each class a student takes, the student receives a letter grade. An “A” is the highest grade in this system, and an “F” is the lowest grade. (“F” stands for “Failed.”)

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  4. How to Use the GPA Calculator. 1. Enter the letter grade and credit hours you have earned or expect to earn from from each class in a given semester. 2. Click Calculate to calculate your semester GPA. 3. Use + Semester to add all additional semesters and calculate your cumulative GPA.

  5. Sep 16, 2012 · 2.00. C-. 1.67. D+. 1.33. D. 1.00. Here the method used is to multiply the grade points with the number of subjects corresponding to the grades or number of courses in which the grades are obtained. Add up the total and divide it by the number of subjects or courses taken to calculate your GPA.

  6. Jan 03, 2013 · GPA (Grade Point Average) is an average score of all grades in the general certificate of secondary education or diploma during the entire period of study. Each university has its own entry requirements for GPA and establishes a certain threshold for an average score, adherence to which is a necessary requirement for the university admission.

    • College-Wide Grading Policy Statement
    • Grade Point Average
    • How to Compute Your Grade Point Average
    • Academic Standing & Retention Policy
    • Dean's List

    At LaGuardia Community College, all students are encouraged to achieve their highest potential by acquiring knowledge and developing skills that lead to success both in the classroom and in the modern workplace. Academic progress is measured by the students’ mastery of the course as demonstrated by their ability to write clearly and accurately, discuss, compute, analyze, and draw logical conclusions among concepts. All students are expected to abide by the College attendance policy, complete all assignments and examinations thoroughly and on time, and participate thoughtfully and constructively in class discussions. Further information on grading is contained in the College-wide attendance policy, plus and minus grading policy, departmental grading policies, and course syllabi.

    The GPA is a numerical computation of a student’s academic record and is used to determine graduation eligibility, graduation honors, inclusion on the Dean’s List, probation, and suspension. The GPA is also used to determine continued eligibility for some financial aid programs. The GPA is calculated per semester by using the following criteria: A-, A = 90-100 B-, B, B+ = 80-89 C-, C, C+ = 70-79 D-, D, D+ = Lowest passing grade (see Repeat Grade policy, p. 207) F = Failure (see F grade policy, p. 207) FIN = Failure from incomplete (see note, p. 206) WN = Unofficial Withdrawal (see below) WU= Unofficial Withdrawal (see below) The following grading symbols are included in the calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA):

    The grades of WU and FIN are computed as an F in the GPA and carry a numerical value of 0.00 (see grade of F, above). To calculate your GPA, list all the courses you have taken at LaGuardia and write the grade you earned. Using the chart above, write the numerical value for each grade. Next write the number of credits each course is worth. Using a calculator, multiply the value and credits and write the answer in the quality points column. Take the total number of credits and divide them into the total number of quality points to reach your correct GPA.

    All students must achieve a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) to remain in good academic standing.

    The Dean’s List is established every semester to honor those degree or certificate students who have achieved academic excellence. To be eligible for inclusion on the Dean’s List in a given semester, a student must have: 1. Earned 9.0 credits or more; 2. Achieved a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 for the semester; 3. Not received grades of F, FIN, D+, D, D-, INC, R, WU, or Z; and 4. Maintained a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

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