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  1. daily 1 of 2 adjective Definition of daily as in continuous occurring, done, produced, or appearing every day they made their daily stop at the coffee shop after work to relax before dinner Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance continuous continual day-to-day recurrent regular diurnal recurring continued quotidian continuing nonstop frequent periodic

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  3. daily. [ dey-lee ] See synonyms for: daily / dailies on adjective. of, done, occurring, or issued each day or each weekday: daily attendance; a daily newspaper. computed or measured by the day: daily quota; a daily wage. noun, plural dai·lies. a newspaper appearing each day or each weekday.

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  5. 1. daily - of or belonging to or occurring every day; "daily routine"; "a daily paper". day-after-day, day-by-day, day-to-day. periodic, periodical - happening or recurring at regular intervals; "the periodic appearance of the seventeen-year locust". 2.

  6. 1. [count] : a newspaper that is published every day or every day except Sunday. the city's two largest dailies. 2. dailies [plural] US : the first prints of a movie showing the scenes that are filmed each day. The director watches the dailies [= rushes] every evening. 3.

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