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    Danes are a North Germanic ethnic group native to Denmark and a modern nation identified with the country of Denmark. This connection may be ancestral, legal, historical, or cultural. Danes generally regard themselves as a nationality and reserve the word "ethnic" for the description of recent immigrants, sometimes referred to as "new Danes". The contemporary Danish ethnic identity is based on the idea of "Danishness", which is founded on principles formed through historical cultural connections

    • 207,470
    • 52,510
    • 4,996,980
    • 1,430,897
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    There are no official statistics on ethnic groups, but according to 2020 figures from Statistics Denmark, 86.11% of the population in Denmark was of Danish descent (including Faroese and Greenlandic), defined as having at least one parent who was born in the Kingdom of Denmark and holds Danish Nationality.

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    Today's Denmark and the former Danish provinces Southern Schleswig, Skåne, Halland and Blekinge. Danish people or Danes are the nation and ethnic group that is born in Denmark, and who speak Danish. There is also a Danish minority in Southern Schleswig. The first mention of Danes within the Danish territory is on the Jelling Rune Stone which mentions how Harald Bluetooth converted the Danes to Christianity in the 10th century.

    • 140,000
    • 52,510
    • 200,035
    • 1,430,897
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    Something of, from, or related to the country of Denmark. A national or citizen of Denmark, also called a "Dane", see Demographics of Denmark. Danish people or Danes, people with a Danish ancestral or ethnic identity. Danish language, a North Germanic language used mostly in Denmark and Northern Germany. Danish cuisine.

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    Abū ʿUbayd ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz ibn Muḥammad ibn Ayyūb ibn ʿAmr al-Bakrī (Arabic: أبو عبيد عبد الله بن عبد العزيز بن محمد بن أيوب بن عمرو البكري ‎), or simply al-Bakrī (c. 1040–1094) was an Arab Andalusian historian and the greatest geographer of the Muslim West.

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    Joseph Quinn (c. 1861 – July 5, 1887) was a New York clerk, amateur wrestler and murder victim of Danny Lyons, a co-leader of the Whyos street gang.

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    Danish People's Party (Danish: Dansk Folkeparti), a right-wing political party who dislike immigration (people from other countries who come to live in Denmark). Welfare. Denmark, like the other Nordic countries. is well known for being a large welfare state.

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