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      • Season 3 of Dark Matter premiered June 9th, 2017. It consisted of 13 episodes. It consisted of 13 episodes. Season 3 is the final season, the series was announced as cancelled September 1st, 2017.
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  2. Dark Matter (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Dark_Matter_(TV_series)

    Dark Matter is a Canadian science fiction series created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, based on their comic book of the same name and developed by Prodigy Pictures in association with Space channel. An order for 13 episodes was placed for the first season of the series, which premiered on June 12, 2015 on both Space and Syfy. On September 5, 2015, the series was renewed for a second season. Dark Matter was renewed for a 13-episode third season in September 2016, which premiered on June 9,

  3. List of Dark Matter episodes - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Dark_Matter_episodes

    Dark Matter is a Canadian science fiction series created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, based on their comic book of the same name and developed by Prodigy Pictures in association with Space channel. An order for 13 episodes was placed for the first season of the series, which premiered on June 12, 2015. On September 1, 2017, Syfy canceled the series after three seasons. During the course of the series, 39 episodes of Dark Matter aired over three seasons.

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    Season 3 of Dark Matter premiered June 9th, 2017. It consisted of 13 episodes. Season 3 is the final season, the series was announced as cancelled September 1st, 2017. 1. 1 Synopsis 2 Cast & Characters 3 Episodes 4 Media 4.1 Promotional Images 4.2 Videos 5 Trivia 6 References The Raza crew are...

  5. Dark matter - Wikipedia › wiki › Dark_matter

    Dark matter is believed to be a form of matter thought to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe and about 27% of its total mass–energy density or about 2.241 × 10 −27 kg/m 3.

  6. Dark Matter Wiki | Fandom › wiki

    The Dark Matter Wikia is dedicated to becoming an online resource for the series, Dark Matter. We aim to provide information on the characters, episodes, relationships and all aspects of the series. The wiki is open to all contributors. Please ensure you read our Policies and Layout guides prior to editing. Home to 339 articles and 1,904 files.

  7. Dark Matter - Season 3 - IMDb › title › tt4159076

    Error: please try again. After the crew receives a distress call from a former associate, they find themselves having to broker a peace deal during the midst of an uprising. S3, Ep4. 23 Jun. 2017. All the Time in the World. 8.7 (658) 0. Rate. 1.

  8. His Dark Materials (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › His_Dark_Materials_(TV_series)
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    His Dark Materials is set in a multi-world reality, with the action moving from one world to another. The series is based on Philip Pullman's trilogy of the same name. It begins in an alternative world where all humans' souls manifest as animal companions called daemons. The series follows the life of a young girl named Lyra who is an orphan living with the scholars at Jordan College, Oxford, in a world governed by the Magisterium, a religious and political body. Lyra discovers a dangerous secret that involves Lord Asriel and Marisa Coulter, and is the subject of a witches prophecy that she will change the world. In her search for a missing friend, Lyra also uncovers a series of kidnappings and its link to a mysterious substance called Dust, which leads her on a journey of epic proportions and ultimately to other worlds. The witches' prophecy also links Lyra's destiny to Will, a teenager from our world, who is himself being pursued by mysterious figures connected to his vanished fat...


    1. Dafne Keen as Lyra Belacqua (also known as Lyra Silvertongue), a girl who was raised at Jordan College. 2. Ruth Wilson as Marisa Coulter, a powerful figure at the Magisterium who is Lyra's mother. 3. Anne-Marie Duff as Maggie 'Ma' Costa, a Gyptian woman who previously nursed Lyra. (series 1) 4. Clarke Peters as The Master of Jordan College. (series 1) 5. James Cosmo as Farder Coram van Texel, an elderly Gyptian and Serafina's former lover. (series 1) 6. Ariyon Bakare as Lord Carlo Boreal,a...

    Voice cast

    1. Helen McCrory as Stelmaria, Asriel's daemon 2. Kit Connor as Pantalaimon, Lyra's daemon 3. Eloise Little as Salcilia, Roger's daemon(series 1) 4. Phoebe Scholfield as Alicia, the Master's daemon(series 1) 5. Libby Rodliffe as Lyuba, Tony Costa's daemon(series 1) 6. Cristela Alonzo as Hester, Lee Scoresby's daemon(series 1–2) 7. David Suchetas Kaisa, Serafina Pekkala's daemon 8. Joe Tandberg as Iorek Byrnison(voice and motion-capture), an armoured bear. 9. Peter Serafinowicz(voice) and Joi...


    1. Simon Manyondaas Benjamin de Ruyter (series 1) 2. Geoff Bellas Jack Verhoeven (series 1) 3. Tyler Howitt as Billy Costa, a Gyptian boy captured by the Gobblers and Ma Costa's younger son. (series 1) 4. Mat Fraseras Raymond van Gerrit (series 1) 5. Ian Peck as Cardinal Sturrock, the head of the Magisterium. (series 1–2) 6. David Langham as Father Garret 7. Robert Emms as Thomas,an agent working for Boreal who spies on Will's family. (series 1) 8. Morfydd Clark as Sister Clara(series 1) 9. F...


    The three His Dark Materials novels, written by Philip Pullman from 1995 to 2000, achieved critical and commercial success and were adapted into a 2007 feature film, The Golden Compass. The film was criticised by fans of the trilogy for the dilution of elements of the story that were critical of religion, as well as from some religious organisations for the source material's perceived anti-religious themes. Despite earning $372 million worldwide, the film underperformed at the box office, mak...


    On 8 March 2018, it was announced that Dafne Keen had signed on to star in the series to play Lyra with director Tom Hooper signed on to direct. Lin-Manuel Miranda would star as Lee Scoresby. On 8 June 2018, it was reported that James McAvoy, Clarke Peters, and Ruth Wilsonhad joined the cast. On 27 July 2018, the BBC and Bad Wolfrevealed the cast and crew for the series. On 1 July 2020, it was revealed that Bella Ramsey had been cast in the role of Angelica. Oliver Monaghan and I-Kay Agu were...


    On 14 August 2019, it was announced that Lorne Balfe was hired to score the series. Speaking about the job, Balfe stated that he "wanted to write a musical letter to the creators of the show," also mentioning that the series was a "mammoth task" and one of his biggest projects yet. Scoring primarily took place in St David's Hall in Cardiff, Wales with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. While the ethnic Bulgarian choir was recorded in Bulgaria with additional remote sessions taking place at...

    On 24 July 2019, it was announced that the series would premiere in the fourth quarter of 2019 in the United Kingdom and the United States.On 12 September 2019, sources revealed that the series was set to premiere on 3 November 2019 on BBC One and the following night on HBO. In New Zealand, the series is broadcast by Sky TV and is available on streaming service Neon. The series began on 5 November 2019. In Australia, the series is distributed by the cable and satellite television company Foxtelthrough their HBO output deal. The second series premiered on 8 November 2020 in the United Kingdom, and on 16 November 2020 in the United States.

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  9. Dark (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Dark_(TV_series)
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    Children start vanishing from the German town of Winden,bringing to light the fractured relationships, double lives, and the dark pasts of four families living there, and unfurling a mystery that spans four generations. The first season begins in 2019, but later grows to include 1986 and 1953 via time travel, when members of the show's central families become aware of a wormholein the cave system beneath the local nuclear power plant. During the first season, secrets are revealed concerning the Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann families, and their lives begin crumbling as their ties are exposed. The conspiracy involves the missing children and the history of the town and its citizens. The second season continues the intertwining families' attempts to reunite with their missing loved ones, several months after the first-season finale, in 2020, 1987 and 1954, respectively. Additional story-lines are set in 2053 and 1921. The second season introduces Sic Mundus Creatus Est, a m...

    The first season takes place primarily in 2019 but expands to include stories set in 1986, 1953, and – in the final scene of the first season – 2052, with several characters portrayed at various ages by multiple actors. The second season takes place several months after the first, depicting the initial stories in 2020, 1987, and 1954, respectively, while continuing the future-set storyline into 2053, and adding a fifth storyline, set in 1921. The third season introduces a storyline based in 1888 and a parallel reality featuring alternate versions of many main characters.

    Netflix approved the series in February 2016 for a first season consisting of ten one-hour episodes. Principal photography started on 18 October 2016 in and around Berlin (including Saarmund and Tremsdorf in Brandenburg), and ended in March 2017. The church where Jonas meets Noah was filmed at the Südwestkirchhof Cemetery in Stahnsdorf. The high school location was filmed at the Reinfelder Schule in Berlin's Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf neighbourhood. The bridge and the train tracks were filmed in the middle of the Düppeler forest near Lake Wannsee. The series was filmed in 4K (Ultra HD) resolution. It is the first German-language Netflix original series and follows a trend of internationally produced Netflix originals, including the Mexican series Club de Cuervos in 2015, the Brazilian series 3% in 2016, the Italian series Suburra: Blood on Rome in 2017, and the Indian series Sacred Gamesin 2018. Principal photography for the second season took place on locationin Berlin from June 20...

    The first season of the series was released on 1 December 2017. A second season was announced with a short teaser on the German Facebook pages of the series and Netflix on 20 December 2017.On 26 April 2019, it was announced that the second season would be released on 21 June 2019. On 26 May 2020, it was announced that the third and final season would be released on 27 June 2020.

    Critical response

    The first season of Dark received mostly positive reviews from critics, with many noting its similarities to the TV series Twin Peaks and the Netflix series Stranger Things. The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the first season an approval rating of 89%, with an average rating of 7.36 out of 10 based on 45 critics. The website's critical consensus is "Dark's central mystery unfolds slowly, both tense and terrifying, culminating in a creepy, cinematic triumph of sci-fi noir." The...

    Awards and nominations

    The series was nominated for the Goldene Kamera TV awards 2018 in three categories: best series; best actress: Karoline Eichhorn as Charlotte Doppler; and best actor: Oliver Masucci as Ulrich Nielsen. None of these nominations resulted in awards, but Louis Hofmann received the "Best Newcomer" award in recognition (among others of his performances in several movies) of his lead role in Dark. In August 2018, the series received a nomination in the category Best TV Show in the Brazilian BreakTud...

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