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    An American woman searching for her sister's killer in Ireland becomes involved in a world of vampires and other fantastic creatures.

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    Darkfever is the first novel in the Fever series written by #1 New York Times best-selling American author Karen Marie Moning. The book was published in November 2006 by Delacorte Press . The romantic fantasy novel tells the story of the main characters journey into the supernatural world of fairies after she travels across the world to find ...

  3. Oct 17, 2011 · MacKayla Lane, an ordinary young woman from Georgia, travels to Ireland to track down her sister's killer. While overseas, she discovers an extraordinary world filled with ancient secrets, vampires and other tough-to-kill creatures.

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    MacKayla Lane’s life is good. She has great friends, a decent job, and a car that breaks down only every other week or so. In other words, she’s your perfectly ordinary twenty-first-century woman. Or so she thinks... until something extraordinary happens. When her sister is murdered, leaving a single clue to her death–a cryptic message on Mac’s cell phone–Mac journeys to Ireland in search of answers. The quest to find her sister’s killer draws her into a shadowy realm where nothing is as it seems, where good and evil wear the same treacherously seductive mask. She is soon faced with an even greater challenge: staying alive long enough to learn how to handle a power she had no idea she possessed–a gift that allows her to see beyond the world of man, into the dangerous realm of the Fae... As Mac delves deeper into the mystery of her sister’s death, her every move is shadowed by the dark, mysterious Jericho Barrons, a man with no past and only mockery for a future. As she begins to clo...

  5. Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning Dream Cast - YouTube

    This was definitely the hardest casting I've done thus far. I didn't do every character from the series - just the ones that were popular within the first bo...

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    Hey there! I'm DARKFEVER, number 95 out of thousands, possibly even millions of DARKFEVER's in the world, like Lightning McQueen from that one Vehicles movie. Wait.....sorry, "Cars" movie. I am a ...


    May 03, 2020 · DARKFEVER MOVIE DREAMWORKS - I think maybe Ian Somerholder as Christian. Boy — that would piss off JZB! Chace Crawford as Christian. I would make a killer Mac. While overseas, she

  8. Karen Marie Moning - News - IMDb

    Karen Marie Moning 's bestselling " Darkfever " series has been picked up by DreamWorks, acquiring feature rights to all five books, reports Variety. The series tells of MacKayla Lane, an ordinary young woman hailing from Georgia whose sister is murdered and she travels to Ireland to track down the killer.

  9. Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1): Moning, Karen Marie ...

    Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning ⭐⭐⭐ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Mixed reviews had me curious about this book.⁣ The first half was very drawn out - it's very hard to connect with a MC, who, whilst trying to find her sister's murderer, is more concerned with her pink nail varnish and the colour of her hair.⁣

  10. Darkfever (Fever, #1) by Karen Marie Moning

    Darkfever took me on a very dark ride, but I enjoyed myself immensely. Ms. Moning delivers with her concept of the Fae, and with this story of the inception of a young woman's crusade to find out who murdered her sister and why.

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