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  1. Summary Analysis Mathilde Loisel is a pretty and charming woman who was born, “as if through some blunder of fate,” into a middle-class family. Without a dowry or a point of entry into high society, she is unable to find a wealthy husband, and so she marries M. Loisel, a clerk who works for the Ministry of Education.

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      In the final section of “The Necklace,” Mathilde and her...

    • Plot Summary

      However, disaster strikes when she loses the necklace during...

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  3. Summary Full Plot Summary Mathilde Loisel is “pretty and charming” but feels she has been born into a family of unfavorable economic status. She was married off to a lowly clerk in the Ministry of Education, who can afford to provide her only with a modest though not uncomfortable lifestyle.

  4. Apr 22, 2021 · 1:28. The 2017 murder of a Pensacola private investigator and a former police officer will be the focus of an episode of NBC's Dateline set to air Friday night. The episode, entitled "The Necklace ...

  5. Apr 23, 2021 · The Dateline episode ‘The Necklace’ investigates the 2017 disappearance and murder of Taylor Ashley Wright. The 33-year-old recently divorced Pensacola, Florida resident worked in law...

  6. Plot Summary: The story is set in 19th century France where the main characters are a middle class couple. The wife, Madame Mathlide Loisel, strives to appear wealthy (which she equates with happiness). She borrows an opulent necklace from her friend, Madame Forestier, to wear at a special party, but then loses the necklace.

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