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  1. 13 hours ago · The most important moments in the Season 1 finale of "The Sopranos" are its last, when Tony and his family have fled into Artie's restaurant to escape from a massive storm. When Tony proposes a...

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    The television series was directed by French director Stéphane Bernasconi, with Peter Hudecki as the Canadian unit director. Hudecki was the primary director but could not be credited as such due to co-production restrictions. It was produced by Ellipse (France) and Nelvana (Canada) on behalf of the Hergé Foundation. It was the second television ad...

    The series used traditional animation techniques and adheres closely to the original books, going so far as to transpose some frames from the original books directly to the screen. In the episodes "Destination Moon" and "Explorers on the Moon," 3D animation was used for the moon rocket—an unusual step in 1989. Each frame of the animation was then p...

    Certain areas of the stories posed difficulties for the producers, who had to adapt features of the books to a younger and more modern audience. Nevertheless, this series was far more faithful to the books than the previous television adaptation. The frequent instances of violence, death, and the use of firearms were toned down or removed completel...

    The underscore music and the main title theme for the series were written by Ray Parker and Tom Szczesniak, and recorded by engineer James Morgan. Excerpts from the score were released by Lé Studio Ellipse on CD and cassette in conjunction with Universal Music Group on the StudioCanallabel. It is now out of print in both formats.

    Hergé, the creator of Tintin, makes a Hitchcock-like cameo appearance in each episode of the cartoon series, as he often did in the original books. Most of the time, he is just a passing figure in the street, such as when he is checking his watch in "The Blue Lotus", a reporter in "The Broken Ear", or a technician in "Explorers on the Moon". His le...

    Online platforms

    The series is now available on Amazon Prime and Netflix (in certain territories) having been remastered into 1080p widescreen high definition.


    1. Colin O'Meara as Tintin, Aurora radio operator, Harbour Master, Lieutenant Kavitch 2. Susan Romanas Snowy 3. David Fox as Captain Haddock, Sir Francis Haddock 4. Wayne Robson as Professor Cuthbert Calculus 5. Dan Hennessey as Thomson, additional voices 6. John Stocker as Thompson, additional voices 7. Maureen Forrester as Bianca Castafiore 8. Vernon Chapman as Nestor 9. Denis Akiyamaas Mitsuhirato, Bunji Kuraki, Tharkey 10. Harvey Atkinas Emir Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab 11. Yank Azmanas addi...


    1. Thierry Wermuthas Tintin 2. Susan Romanas Milou 3. Christian Pelissieras Capitaine Haddock 4. Henri Labussiereas Professeur Tournesol 5. Yves Barsacqas Détective Dupont, Wronzoff, Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, Mohammed Ben Kalish Ezab, Ridgewell, Wang Jen-Ghié, le colonel Alvarez, le professeur Philémon Siclone, le docteur Rotule, le Grand Précieux, l'assistant du professeur Calys, Kronick, Gino (le photographe), voix additionnelles 6. Jean-Pierre Moulin as Détective Dupond, le maharadjah de...

    Along with fans, critics have praised the series for being "generally faithful" to the originals, with compositions having been actually taken directly from the panels in the original comic books.

    Les Aventures de Tintin en DVD(2003) : issues 1,2,5,6
    The Adventures of Tintin– 5-disc DVD set (2003)
    The Adventures of Tintin at IMDb
    • 39 (13 in each season)
    • 2 October 1991 –, 28 September 1992
  2. May 20, 2022 · Bassist David Hartley of The War on Drugs is 42. Actor Jamie-Lynn Sigler ("The Sopranos") is 41. Actor Alexandra Breckenridge ("The Walking Dead," "American Horror Story") is 40.

  3. May 19, 2022 · The news wasn’t made public until May 19, when TMZ broke the news, which was later confirmed by People. The superstar first announced her pregnancy at the end of January, after she and the “Fashion...

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