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  1. Essential Film Noir Collection 2 | Trailers From Hell › essential-film-noir

    Jun 29, 2021 · Viavision’s second deluxe Film Noir boxed finds real variety in the film style, with entries that range from low-budget efforts to a picture filmed on location in Mexico. Richard Conte solves a notorious movie studio murder in Hollywood Story, Gig Young is a cop who considers going crooked in City that Never Sleeps, Glenn Ford dodges murderous treasure hunters in Plunder of the Sun and Steve ...

  2. The 3-D Nudie-Cuties Collection | Trailers From Hell › the-3-d-nudie-cuties-collection

    Nov 12, 2019 · The Nudie-Cuties Collection has no extended text or authoritative featurette discussions of the films. Kino does add a pair of 3-D extras. Kino does add a pair of 3-D extras. Figure Studies in Kodachrome Stereo from 1951 is a set of twelve or so girlie nude still photos sold through the mail, complete with some kind of 3-D viewer.

  3. Video Company VHS Cover Art - › video_companies_cover_art

    ACTION INTERNATIONAL PICTURES (A.I.P.) - This is a TRUE independent distributor. A.I.P was founded in 1986 by low-budget director/producers David A. Prior (SLEDGEHAMMER - 1983), David Winters (THE LAST HORROR FILM - 1982) and Peter Yuval (KILLER WORKOUT - 1986) as a

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