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  1. DC. "The Deadliest Show On Earth!": Robin comes upon a circus of mind-controlled performers whose number includes Superman. DC Comics Presents #31 is an issue of the series DC Comics Presents (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1981. It was published on December 11, 1980.

  2. DC Comics Presents DC, 1978 Series Published in English (United States) #18 February 1980 ... 31 [Direct] 31 [Newsstand] 31 [British] 32 [Direct] 32 [Newsstand]

  3. "The Deadliest Show on Earth!" Under cover of darkness, Robin pays an after hours visit to the Sterling Circus. Despite his great stealth in skulking about the fairgrounds, Robin is discovered,...

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  5. Apr 18, 2023 · Showcase Presents: DC Comics Presents - Superman Team-Ups vol. 2 (#27-50 & Annual #1) Superman vs. Mongul (#27-28, 36 and 43) Robin: The Bronze Age Omnibus (#31 & 58) Superman vs....

  6. Superman; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Angie; Waldo Simpson (later Waldo Flynn); Lois Lane; Jimmy Olsen; an evil clown (villain) Synopsis. Dick is enjoying a day at the circus until he realizes something is wrong when he encounters his old friend Waldo the clown but Waldo does not recognize him. Robin investigates and discovers that most of the circus ...

  7. Legends of the Dark Knight: José Luis García-López includes DC Comics Presents #31 and 41, 472 pages, November 2021, 978-1779505804 Superman vs. Shazam! includes DC Comics Presents #33–34, 49, and Annual #3, 192 pages, March 2013, 978-1-4012-3821-6

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