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    • Leo Gorcey Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family Life, Achievement
      • Leo Gorcey was an American actor, known for his work in stage and cinema. He became popular for portraying the leader of hooligan groups, named Dead End Kids, The East Side Kids, and later The Bowery Boys. Gorcey was born in New York City, to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father, both actors.
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  2. The original Dead End Kids were now working at several studios, so the East Side Kids were made at the same time that Universal was making the "Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys" series. A total of 21 East Side Kids films were made, with the final one, Come Out Fighting, released in 1945. The Bowery Boys

  3. The Dead End Kids were a group of actors from New York City. They were also known as Little Tough Guys, The East Side Kids, and The Bowery Boys. See more ».

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  4. While he played various characters in the "Dead End Kids", "East Side Kids", and "Bowery Boys" films, these roles tended to be similar street tough characters. For the "Bowery Boys" series, he was the leader of the group. Billy Halop served as the original leader of the "Dead End Kids".

  5. Jan 31, 2012 · In 1946, with only Monogram making films using any of the original Dead End Kids, Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, and Gorcey's agent, Jan Grippo, revamped The East Side Kids, rechristening them "The Bowery Boys". These films followed a more established formula than the earlier films.

  6. Stanley Clements was married to actress Gloria Grahame from 1945 to 1948. All together, there were 85 films and 3 serials. 7 were Dead End Kids, 12 Little Tough Guys (including the 3 serials), 21 East Side Kids and 48 Bowery Boys. It would take about five days of continuous viewing to see every film and serial!

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