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  1. dead adjective (NOT LIVING) A2. not now living: She's been dead for 20 years now. The motorcyclist was dead on arrival at the hospital. He was shot dead (= killed by ) outside his home. C2 mainly UK. If a part of your body is dead, you cannot feel it:

  2. dead (dĕd) adj. dead·er, dead·est 1. Having lost life; no longer alive. 2. Marked for certain death; doomed: knew when he saw the soldiers that he was a dead man. 3. a. Having the physical appearance of death: a dead pallor. b. Lacking feeling or sensitivity; numb or unresponsive: Passersby were dead to our pleas for help.

  3. The dead man was identified by authorities Sunday as Kevin Costlow, 52, who lived in the Montgomery town of Laytonsville, close to where the incident occurred. VIDEO SHOWS FATAL SHOOTING OF MAN BY MONTGOMERY COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPUTY IAN DUNCAN, DAN MORSEFEBRUARY 8, 2021 WASHINGTON POST.

  4. Official Site Of The Grateful Dead | Grateful Dead prev next New Music 7" SINGLES VOL. 21: FOOLISH HEART/WE CAN RUN BUNDLE St. Louis Skull & Roses 50th Anniversary 7" SINGLES VOL. 20: THROWING STONES (ASHES ASHES)/PUSH COMES TO SHOVE BUNDLE VIEW ALL Videos News January 30, 2022 A Dream We Still Dream: Further Explorations read more January 25, 2022

  5. dead (someone) slang To reject or abandon someone, especially a lover or romantic partner. Primarily heard in US. He deaded her shortly after the baby was born, and he didn't come back into their lives until the child was nearly 18 years old. See also: dead Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2022 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved. dead

  6. There's no better place to take a long strange trip with the Grateful Dead than right here. We've got music from every single studio album and a bevy of live albums, to boot.

  7. Dead was a popular figure of the Norwegian black metal scene, and his legacy persists in the genre to this day. Roadrunner Records ranked him No. 48 out of 50 of The Greatest Metal Front-Men of All Time. [1] Dead was known for his morbid personality and obsession with death.

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