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    Dead Like Me is an American comedy-drama television series starring Ellen Muth and Mandy Patinkin as grim reapers who reside and work in Seattle, Washington. Filmed in Vancouver , British Columbia , the show was created by Bryan Fuller for the Showtime cable network, where it ran for two seasons ( 2003 – 04 ).

  2. List of Dead Like Me characters - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Dead_Like_Me
    • Overview
    • George Lass
    • Rube Sofer
    • Mason
    • Roxy Harvey
    • Daisy Adair

    This is a list of the characters from the Showtime comedy-drama series Dead Like Me.

    Georgia L. "George" Lass is the youngest Reaper in the Club. She is the protagonist of the series, and also performs the function of narrator. As a child, she is portrayed by Talia Ranger. George was born in 1985 and raised at Beatrice Lane by her parents, Joy and Clancy Lass. When George was a young child, she had a very close relationship with her father. Every Sunday morning she and Clancy would eat breakfast at a local diner. However, as she grew older, George distanced herself from both her

    Reuben John Sofer is the leader of the Club. He is laid-back and unemotional, but easily takes offense at interruptions into his daily routine. From the very first time he met George, Rube referred to her as "peanut", the nickname he called his daughter Rosie Sofer. As seen on an envelope, Rube's last name was originally "Stofer" but this was later changed to "Sofer".

    Mason claims he was born at a rock and roll concert behind a stack of amplifiers and died drilling a hole in his own head seeking a permanent high. Mason is originally from London and was transferred to his present location some time ago. He is the only Reaper besides George whose doppelgänger has been depicted, by Canadian actor Jacob Chaos. Mason collects money from the dead, steals from the living, deals, smuggles and uses drugs. He was an alcoholic and drug addict before he died, and though

    Roxanne "Roxy" Harvey invented leg warmers in 1982, and was then strangled with them by a jealous friend. She apparently has a very difficult time coming to terms with her own death, so with Rube's encouragement she marks the 21st anniversary of the event by burning her former possessions. Roxy and George are the only Reapers of the group with day jobs. She used to be a meter maid for the city, but entered the police academy at the beginning of the second season. She is a cynical, no-nonsense wo

    Daisy Adair died by asphyxiation and smoke inhalation in Marietta, Georgia on December 13, 1938, in a fire on the set of Gone with the Wind. She is an actress who frequently tells stories of her alleged sexual escapades with actors and celebrities including Charlie Chaplin, Bing Crosby, Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, William Holden, Tyrone Power, and Babe Ruth. She claims to be one of the Greenwich "Adairs". Daisy was transferred from SoHo in New York City to join the g

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  4. Dead Like Me Wiki | Fandom

    Dead Like Me __TV_SERIES_INFO__ Dead Like Me: Life After Death ... More Dead Like Me Wiki. 0 Rube Sofer; 1 Georgia Lass; 2 Betty Rhomer; Explore Wikis Universal ...

  5. Dead like Me: Life After Death - Wikipedia › wiki › Dead_Like_Me:_Life_After_Death
    • Overview
    • Plot
    • Casting
    • Release

    Dead like Me: Life After Death is a 2009 American fantasy comedy-drama film directed by Stephen Herek and written by John Masius and Stephen Godchaux, based on the short-lived 2003 television series Dead Like Me, created by Bryan Fuller. Following the end of the series, the "reapers" have a new boss, Kane, who leads them astray from the rules they followed in the TV series. Lead character "George" is fired from her job at Happy Time and ends up revealing her identity to her sister, Reggie. Georg

    A crew of "reapers", whose job is to extract the souls of people who are about to die, find themselves confronted by change as their habitual meeting place burns down the same day their boss and head reaper disappears. They soon meet their new boss, Cameron Kane, a slick businessman who died falling from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He outfits them with color-coordinated smartphones and treats them to luxurious accommodations – teaching them, as Roxy puts it later, that ...

    In June 2007, a casting call was posted on an entertainment industry website for the role of Daisy Adair, formerly played by Laura Harris, who was unable to reprise the role due to commitments with Women's Murder Club. It noted that John Masius wrote the film and also confirmed that Mandy Patinkin, who starred in the original series, was not in the film. In August 2007, it was confirmed that Sarah Wynter would take over the role of Daisy Adair from Laura Harris. Harris and Wynter previously play

    The film's release date was set for July 2008 and later rescheduled and released on February 17, 2009. An exclusive television debut occurred on January 16, 2009, on SuperChannel in Canada. It has also been shown in the United States on Syfy.

    • Hudson Hickman, Sara Berrisford, Craig Roessler, Irene Litinsky
    • Stephen Herek
  6. Dead to Me (TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Dead_to_Me_(TV_series)
    • Overview
    • Premise
    • Production
    • Reception

    Dead to Me Genre Dark comedy Tragicomedy Created byLiz Feldman Starring Christina Applegate Linda Cardellini James Marsden Max Jenkins Sam McCarthy Luke Roessler ComposerAdam Blau Country of originUnited States Original languageEnglish No. of seasons2 No. of episodes20 Production Executive producers Liz Feldman Will Ferrell Adam McKay Jessica Elbaum Christina Applegate Christie Smith Producers Joe Hardesty Linda Cardellini Peter Chomsky Buddy Enright Denise Pleune Cinematography Danny Moder Toby

    Dead to Me is about a friendship that blossoms between Jen and Judy. Jen is a recently widowed real estate agent based in Laguna Beach, California, trying to come to terms with her loss through therapy, exercise, and other methods. She uses anger and resentment as an outlet for her grief. She meets Judy in a grief support group. Jen mourns her husband, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver, while Judy claims she is grieving for her fiancé who died of a heart attack. In actuality, Judy is ...

    On April 5, 2018, it was announced that Netflix had given the production a series order for a first season consisting of ten episodes. The series was created by Liz Feldman who was also expected to write for the series and executive produce alongside Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and

    On July 11, 2018, it was announced that Christina Applegate had been cast in one of the series' two lead roles. On August 3, 2018, it was reported that Linda Cardellini had been cast in the series' other lead role. A week later, it was announced that Max Jenkins and Luke Roessler

    On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has an approval rating of 86% based on 50 reviews, with an average rating of 6.48/10. The website's critics consensus reads: "Dead to Me doesn't always deliver on the gallows humor that it promises, but the sterling d

    On July 17, 2019, Netflix announced that the series was on track to be streamed by over 30 million viewers within its first month of release on the streaming platform.

    • May 3, 2019 –, present
    • Netflix
  7. Dead Like Me (TV Series 2003–2004) - IMDb › title › tt0348913

    Dead Like Me: Created by Bryan Fuller. With Ellen Muth, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Mandy Patinkin. After being hit on the head by a toilet seat, a young temp clerk becomes a grim reaper in death.

    • (40.5K)
    • Ellen Muth, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy
    • TV-14
  8. Dead Like Me (TV Series 2003–2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  9. Rube Sofer | Dead Like Me Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Rube_Sofer

    One of the more mysterious of the Reapers featured on Dead Like Me, his full name wasn't revealed until the episode Death Defying. His date of death was never made explicit, but implied to be the earliest of the known reapers, save recurring ex-colleague Penny. Mason jokes in " Rites of Passage ", "Rube's so fucking old, he reaped Jesus."

  10. Dead Like Me - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › new_content › 8933fae3431d
    • Synopsis
    • Cast and Characters
    • Grim Reapers
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    Georgia Lass is aloof and emotionally distant from her family and shies away from her life. After dropping out of college, she takes a job at Happy Time Temporary Services. On her lunch break of her first day, she is hit and killed by a toilet seat from the de-orbiting of the Mir space station.[3] She is informed shortly after her death that, rather than moving on to the "great beyond", she will become "a grim reaper" in the "External Influence" division,[4] responsible for reaping souls of people who die in accidents (many of which are of Rube Goldberg-style and complexity[5][6]), suicides and homicides. Through the first season, George has trouble adjusting to her circumstances: collecting souls, while holding a day job at Happy Time. By the second season, she has mostly adjusted to her new role, though still has unresolved issues with her life and her afterlife. George's family is struggling to deal with her death. Her mother, Joy, is depressed, and visibly repressing it, while C...

    [edit] Reapers

    1. Georgia "George" Lass (Ellen Muth): The show's protagonist, an 18 year old college dropout. In addition to being a grim reaper she has a day job at Happy Time Temporary Services, under the assumed name "Millie Hagen". She was killed on June 27, 2003 when a toilet seat from the Mirspace station fell on her. 1. Rube Sofer (Mandy Patinkin): The head of the group of Reapers. He is responsible for passing out reaping assignments, nearly always on yellow post-it notes. He becomes a father figure...

    [edit] George's Family

    1. Reggie Lass (Britt McKillip): George's younger sister. Though George ignored her while she was alive, Reggie is very much affected by the death of her sister. She believes that George's ghost still roams about the city and visits their home from time to time - technically, she is right. Due to her eccentric, borderline-pathological way of grieving her sister's death, Reggie is placed in therapy. 2. Joy Lass (Cynthia Stevenson): George's mother. A Virgo who has a pathological fear of balloo...

    [edit] Happy Time Temporary Services

    1. Delores Herbig (Christine Willes): George's boss. Delores disliked George, but becomes friends with "Millie", for whom she becomes something of a maternal figure, offering advice and support, and on one occasion bailing "Millie" out of jail. Delores is optimistic, dynamic, and motivated; she has an active Internet presence through various social and dating sites, and runs a website (her home life on webcam) called 'Getting Things Done With Delores'. Occasionally Delores will try to empathi...

    In the world of Dead Like Me, Grim reapers do not wear black cloaks or carry scythes (cloaks and scythes are only featured during the opening credits, for humorous effect), but their role remains traditional: they remove the souls of the living shortly before death and escort them into their afterlife. Death has a list of who is scheduled to die and when. This list is delivered to the head of each group by a shadowy figure (when the delivery is made to Rube's apartment, it is shown that the delivery is made by an actual shadow, with only the list of names becoming corporeal when it is delivered). The head of each group then gives each Reaper a non-transferable assignment to collect a particular soul or souls.[19] Completing that assignment is often difficult for the Reapers who only receive the first (and sometimes middle) initial and last name of the person about to die, the location, and estimated time of death (ETD). If a Reaper refuses to take a soul at their place of death and...

    In the show, Reapers do not actually kill the living. Instead, deaths are arranged by 'Gravelings'.[26] Gravelings are mischievous gremlin-like creatures that cause the accidents and mishaps that kill people. The living generally cannot see them, though in one episode, a schizophrenicwas able to, although Rube refused to believe that was possible. Reapers can see and interact with them to some extent: Daisy once shushed a Graveling; Rube yelled "Get outta here!" once when seeing Gravelings playing on a cemetery statue; and George once chased several angry Gravelings around her apartment. Although Gravelings seem to be self-aware and recognize the Reapers, they do not communicate verbally with them, and talk to each other in a hushed and unintelligible babble; other times they growl or hiss. According to the episode, "Vacation", Gravelings are given one day off every few years by the Graveling boss, Scantz, who resembles the rest of his kind besides having different skin color and ma...

    [edit] Ratings

    The show's complete ratings were not released, though executives had claimed to at least one reporter that Dead Like Me had ratings three times Showtime's primetime average.[28] This contradicts the network's statement that the ratings were not high enough for a third season.[29] When questioned by critics about the ratings in January 2005, Showtime Chairman and CEO Matthew Blank responded "I really don't think we know...."[30]

    [edit] Fuller's departure

    Bryan Fuller left early in the first season due to conflicts with MGM Television, including disagreement over major script and storyline cuts considered important to the main theme. He stated that the "lack of professionalism... made it really difficult... it was like being at war... they were constantly trying to strong arm me. It was the worst experience of my life." According to Fuller, Showtime canceled the show because of "a loss of quality and a sense the problems would continue."[31]

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