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  1. Jul 12, 1995 · Dead Tired Original title: Grosse fatigue 1994 R 1 h 32 m IMDb RATING 6.4 /10 1.9K YOUR RATING Cast & crew User reviews IMDbPro Comedy What is going on here?!? French director, Michel Blanc (as Himself), just doesn't understand why his life is suddenly falling apart. This nightmarish comedy-thriller is all about identity.

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  2. " Dead tired !"--the servant said to herself, seeing her mistress by the light of the lamp over the gate. " Dead tired !"--Geoffrey said to himself, observing Hester suspiciously as she passed him in the passage on her way up stairs to take off her bonnet in her own room.

  3. Dead Tired Photos View All Photos (7) Movie Info Stressed and overworked, famous French movie star Michel Blanc (Michel Blanc) is beginning to wear down, physically and mentally, from the pressure...

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  4. synonyms for dead-tired Compare Synonyms exhausted listless weary beat bedraggled bushed dropping enervated overtired prostrate spent tuckered wasted worn all in blasé burned out dead dead tired dead-beat dog-tired dog-weary done in droopy fagged out jaded languid languorous lassitudinous out of gas played-out pooped ready to drop washed out

  5. Define dead-tired. Dead-tired as a adjective means Very tired ; completely exhausted ..

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