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    How to notify after someone dies?

    How do you find a death notice?

    How do you find a person's date of death?

    Who should be notified of death?

  2. Jun 16, 2022 · A death announcement is a small, brief, printed (and thus often paid-for) statement informing the public of the person’s death. The key word is announcement. It is a formal and public disclosure that an individual has passed away. It is also sometimes called a death notice.

  3. The purpose of a death notice is similar to adverse action notice that strongly informs the public about the death of a particular person, whether that person is famous or not. A death notice contains all the information about the life of a deceased person together with the details of his/her death. Death Notice Template Details File Format MS Word

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    Find newspaper obituaries online. Websites such as provide a searchable database of obituaries that previously ran in newspapers.[1] X Research source For example, provides free access to obituaries from newspapers in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Bermuda, Australia, and New Zealand.[2] X Research source You can run a simple search with just the person's first ...
    Search for funeral home death notices. If a funeral home was used, you can find an online database of official funeral home death notices at allows you to search by name or location for death notices, or you can conduct a keyword search. In addition to funeral homes in North America, the website includes global death notices from countries such as Brazil ...
    Use the Social Security Death Index. Several websites such as and allow you to search the SSDI free of charge. The SSDI contains records of people with U.S. Social Security numbers whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration.[7] X Research source has the SSDI from 1899 through 2011,[8] X Research source while ...
    Search city or state death records. State death indexes often go back further than online obituaries or the SSDI, and many are available online for free. You can find links to death indexes for each state on sites such as and Although generally you can find death notices through the early 1900s for free, you may have to ...
    Visit the National Archives website. The National Archives has information about vital records, including death records, and links to websites with free databases of death notices and records.[12] X Research source Since these records are maintained by state or local authorities, they are not federal records and not held by the National Archives. However, the National Archives website ...
    If you’re looking for the death notice of a specific person, you can sometimes narrow down the search by providing additional information, such as the names of family members who may have been listed in the obituary. Thanks! Helpful 2 Not Helpful 1
    During much the 19th century, the United States census included mortality schedules, or a record of death for individuals who died in the year before the census was taken. This is a good source of information about deaths during a time when death records were not reliably kept otherwise.[19] X Research source Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 1
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    Check the online Social Security Death Index. The SSDI includes the record of anyone with a U.S. Social Security number whose death was reported to the Social Security Administration.[1] X Research source Websites such as and allow you to access portions of the SSDI free of charge. You can search the SSDI by the person's first and last name, date of birth, date ...
    Search for city or state death records databases. Many larger cities and some states have online databases available for use by the general public. State death indexes typically go back further in time than the SSDI, so if you're looking for the death notice of someone who died in the 1700s, for example, you'd be more likely to find the information at the state level. Although some of these ...
    Look for newspaper obituaries. Depending on your purpose, a newspaper obituary may be all you need to get details of a person's death. Keep in mind that for most people, the write-up in the paper is the official death notice. The death notice generally gives a brief story of the person's life and lists their surviving family members and the arrangements made. Newspaper staff writers typically ...
    Although the National Archives does not contain any official death records, since those are maintained by state and county vital records offices, the website does have online research tools that can provide assistance for genealogists, historians, and casual researchers.[28] X Research source Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
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