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  1. Mar 21, 2023 · Examples of Decomposition Reactions: When carbonates get heated, it gets decomposed into metal oxides and carbon dioxide. CaCO₃ (s) → CaO (s) + CO₂ (g) Na₂CO₃ (s) →Na₂O (s) + CO₂ (g) Decomposition of oxy acids results in the formation of carbon dioxide and water. H₂CO₃ → H₂O (l) + CO₂ (g) Double Decomposition Reaction

  2. Jan 24, 2020 · In a decomposition reaction, a compound is broken into smaller chemical species. AB → A + B The electrolysis of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas is an example of a decomposition reaction: 2 H 2 O → 2 H 2 + O 2 Single Displacement or Substitution Reaction

  3. 7 Decomposition Reaction Examples in Real Life 1. The Fizz in Your Soda. Most of us have enjoyed a soda drink. Whenever you open the bottle, it produces a familiar... 2. When Baking Your Cake. Baking powder which is sodium bicarbonate is usually used for baking. When heated to a high... 3. Treating ...

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