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  1. According to the album liner notes, this song from Deep Purple's original lineup (Mark I) was recorded live in the studio with no double tracking, It is an uptempo blues number featuring the usual blistering Ritchie Blackmore guitar solo, and Jon Lord's complementary organ.

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    The Painter Chords by Deep Purple Tabbed by Mathias Braathen Bm7 Painter, come colour up my life Em Oh painter, come colour up my Bm7 life F#m (no 3rd) Take away the misery Em (no 3rd) Bm7 Take away the strife ( Bm7 ) Writer, write me up a play

  3. Painter Come color up my life Oh painter Come color up my life Take away the misery Take away the strife Writer Make me up a play Writer Make the meaning gay [For I don't know who I am] Just give me words to say Singer Let me sing a song Singer Let me sing a song You don't have to worry

  4. 深紫乐队的雏形成立于1968年的英国伦敦,这是一支以之前“探索者”Chirs Curtis(鼓手)为中心的乐队,当时名叫“迂回”(Roundabout)。

  5. Purple was popular with the pre-Raphaelite painters in Britain, including Arthur Hughes, who loved bright colors and romantic scenes. 20th and 21st centuries At the turn of the century, purple was a favorite color of the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, who flooded his pictures with sensual purples and violets.

  6. Deep Purple played at the “Pioneer Hall”, and 6th place on the set list was reserved for the legendary song “Smoke on the Water”. That song was a must-have at the time for all electric guitar students in the former Yugoslavia. It was the night of a tremendous thunderstorm because those sound boxes sent so many decibels – urban

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    French Huguenot families came to South Africa fleeing the persecution in 17th century France caused by the revocation of the Edict of Nantesin 1685. Amongst them was Hercule Des Prez and his family that left for South Africa aboard the ship "Die Schelde" on 19th of February 1688. Through time the surname has changed to "Du Preez". The surname Du Preez is a fairly well known in South Africa and is a typical Afrikaans surname. 1. Frik du Preez(born 1925), former South African rugby union player 2. Fourie du Preez(born 1982), former South African rugby union player 3. Mignon du Preez(born 1989), female South African cricketer

    "Dupree's Paradise" is Frank Zappa's song
    "Mitzi Dupree", a song by British rock band Deep Purple from their album The House of Blue Light
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