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  1. Jesus definition, the source of the Christian religion. See more.

  2. Absolve definition, to free from guilt or blame or their consequences: The court absolved her of guilt in his death. See more.

  3. autocracy definition: 1. government by a single person or small group that has unlimited power or authority, or the power…. Learn more.

  4. Absolute idealism is an ontologically monistic philosophy chiefly associated with G. W. F. Hegel and Friedrich Schelling, both of whom were German idealist philosophers in the 19th century. The label has also been attached to others such as Josiah Royce , an American philosopher who was greatly influenced by Hegel's work, and the British ...

  5. Estates-General, also called States General, French États-Généraux, in France of the pre-Revolution monarchy, the representative assembly of the three “estates,” or orders of the realm: the clergy (First Estate) and nobility (Second Estate)—which were privileged minorities—and the Third Estate, which represented the majority of the people. The origins of the Estates-General are to ...

  6. The most remarkable chapters, in which St Benedict's wisdom stands out most conspicuously, are those on the abbot (2, 3, 2 7, 64) The abbot is to govern the monastery with full and unquestioned patriarchal authority; on important matters he must consult the whole community and hear what each one, even the youngest, thinks; on matters of less weight he should consult a few of the elder monks ...

  7. Jan 04, 2022 · Truth, according to the dictionary, is “conformity to fact or actuality; a statement proven to be or accepted as true.” Some people would say that there is no true reality, only perceptions and opinions. Others would argue that there must be some absolute reality or truth. One view says that there are no absolutes that define reality.

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