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  1. How is absolutism defined? The form of govt in which all power is vested in a single ruler. What is the theory of Divine Right? The belief that god granted monarchs with the power to rule. What are causes of Absolutism?

  2. A European Royal family that is most known for its rule of France from the 16th through the 18th centuries. Hapsburgs Austrian rulers of the Holy Roman empire and the Netherlands Huguenots French Protestants influenced by John Calvin Hohenzollerns This was the royal dynasty of electors in Prussia Romanovs

  3. absolutism. a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.) absolute monarch. king or queen who has unlimited power and seeks to control all aspects of society. divine right.

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  5. Define absolutism. Absolutism is a form of government in which the monarch has complete or absolute power. What were the opposing sides in the English civil war of 1642. They king, Charles I, and his supporters versus Parliament and its supporters.

  6. Define absolutism. a political system in which a ruler holds total power Define divine right of kings. the belief that kings receive their power from God and are responsible only to God During the wars of religion in France, what 2 faiths were fighting? Catholics and Protestants What were French Protestants called? Huguenots

  7. Define absolutism. a system in which a ruler holds total power. Define constitutionalism. a system in which the ruler had to share power with parliament. Region/nation where constitutionalism strengthened nation- building. Poland-Lithuania. 3 regions/nations where constitutionalism strengthened nation- building.

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