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    • 1. praise (someone) excessively or obsequiously: "he was adulated in the press"
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    What does the name adulate mean?

    What does the name adulation mean?

    What is the definition of adulation?

    What is the antonym of adulation?

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      • Define adulate. adulate synonyms, adulate pronunciation, adulate translation, English dictionary definition of adulate. tr.v. ad·u·lat·ed , ad·u·lat·ing , ad·u·lates To praise or admire excessively; fawn on. ad′u·la′tor n. ad′u·la·to′ry adj. American Heritage® Dictionary of...
  3. 9 hours ago · Adulate: This verb means to give obsequious praise and veneration. It is conjugated as adulates, adulated, and adulating. Example: The famous zoologist narcissistically loved to hear his colleagues adulate him.

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