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    • 1. praise (someone) excessively: "he was adulated in the press"

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  3. Jun 13, 2022 · Yes, complexity frustrates while simplicity elates, but complexity precedes simplicity—always—and packs that rich mixture of content which simplicity refines to its essence. First you ...

  4. Synonyms for choose include select, pick, take, elect, name, prefer, adopt, designate, nominate and favor. Find more similar words at!

  5. May 30, 2022 · I define Nazism as an authoritarian ideology exerting tight control over a chosen population, deemed inherently superior, while dehumanizing and condoning the exclusion, abuse and extermination of people belonging to undesirable groups.

  6. Synonyms for advocate include supporter, champion, backer, promoter, proponent, exponent, upholder, apostle, pleader and booster. Find more similar words at wordhippo ...

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