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  1. Background • Goal: Develop simple structural model for the English language – Provides a useful method for generating/classifyin g grammatical English sentences – “Reveals” underlying structure of the English Language and how ideas are communicated • Three Models – Finite-State Markov Processes – [ ∑, F] Grammars

  2. transitive verb. 1 State or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of. ‘For auctioneers a client has been defined as the party contracted to pay the fee so beware of large sums of cash, however rare, in the sale of a property.’. ‘An admission, or spell, is defined as a continuous period of time spent as a patient within a trust ...

  3. Dec 14, 2021 · The College Writer : A Guide to Thinking, Writing, and Researching 4th ed. - Opens in a new window by Randall VanderMey. Call Number: PE1408 .C64 2012. ISBN: 9780495915836. Designs for Disciplines : A Guide to Academic Writing - Opens in a new window by Steven C. Roe. Call Number: PE1408 .D48 2015. ISBN: 9781551308883.

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    • 2016
  4. The English Language Teaching a.k.a. ELT world The term ‘fluency’ in the world of EFL refers to the measurement of the ability one has to speak smoothly and freely without the need to pause and think about the grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation one needs to communicate.

  5. Jan 06, 2022 · Intonation in English - why is important. It is not easy to define Intonation. We know that the basic feature of intonation is pitch, being high or low. The overall behavior of the pitch is called tone. Tones can be static, level tones, or moving tones, either rising or falling.

  6. practical, hands-on, applied, actual, active, experiential, empirical, in the field, non-theoretical. View synonyms. 1.1. (of military equipment) light and mobile for use on campaign. ‘field artillery’. More example sentences. ‘The full bag is lightweight and fits into military field clothing pockets.’.

  7. A baby hears too few sentences to deduce the grammar of English before he speaks correctly. (Controversial) Therefore, humans must be biologically pre-wired with innate knowledge for representing language.

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