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  1. Dec 05, 2016 · MetaCOT 2 CFTC ToolBox Indicators is a set of MetaCOT 2 indicators which provides access to data from CFTC reports. MetaCOT 2 supports COT reports, Disaggregated COT, TFF and CIT. All indicators are available in source code and can be used to build your trading system.

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  2. Jun 13, 2012 · First I’ll show why I think it’s worked as a visualisation. Here’s the whole graph. Each philosopher is a node in the network and the lines between them (or edges in the terminology of graph theory) represents lines of influence. The node and text are sized according to the number of connections (both in and out).

  3. You want to create a PivotTable that uses fields from two Excel tables. What is the first step? a. Create a relationship on a common field between the two tables. b. Create a PivotTable using one table and then add the second table to the PivotTable Fields task pane. c. Merge the two tables into on large dataset before creating the PivotTable. d.

  4. Start by entering the dates of the first day of each week in the blue row of the first column to keep track of the time between the start of your dedicated study period and your Step 1 exam. But it was pure gold when it came to getting a high score on Step 1. Aim to excel!

  5. Hover your mouse over any of the events on the person's timeline to display the details of that event. Note the timeline colors correspond to the color assigned to the group back when Group History was enabled. If the person is a group leader, the color will be slightly darker. You can also click on a specific event to drill down into the group.

  6. Nov 29, 2017 · In the Integrated Project Delivery method, all the stakeholders equally share the design and management of work, as well as the risks and rewards. In an integrated project, the key participants are involved as early as practicable. The inrush of knowledge and expertise of all key team members improves decision making.

  7. The Family Pre-Registration block allows for launching a workflow for each parent and a workflow for each child. The Communication History block on the History tab of the Person Profile has been updated to provide additional details about communications sent to the person. Updates for McKinley 1.0. No updates made.

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