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  1. The far-reaching implication of a Biblical timeline becomes quite evident when we carefully study the scriptures in "light" of the scriptures. We find that not only is there a perfect time record, but that this record reaches from Christ, all the way back to the sixth day of creation when Adam was first formed from the dirt.

  2. The focus of this timeline is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. All the Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled (There are HUNDREDS.) prove to us that the Bible is true (As an example, take a look at what just 48 prophecies do mathematically.), and so we can know that Jesus is coming VERY SOON.

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  4. Old Testament History Timeline In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth Adam and Eve Noah Abraham Isaac Jacob c.1800 B.C. The death of Joseph c.1445 B.C. The Exodus from Egypt c.1405 B.C. The death of Moses. The books of Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus were written by Moses sometime between the Exodus and his death.

  5. As one of the seven fundamental quantities of physics, time is essential to our existence. 1 It sets “the stage on which reality plays out.” 2 It permits possibilities to become real and allows causes to produce effects. Over time, we observe matter change state or form. People grow, learn, and get to know one another and God.

  6. Covering every aspect of the Bible’s chronological aspects even going as far as to define and identify the terminology and relevant information concerning chronology of surrounding nations that the Bible interacts with; such as Babylon, Egypt, Sumerian, Assyrian, The Qumran’s, etc.

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  7. Pope Paul III establishes Ignatius Loyola and his followers as the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits. Protestant reformer John Calvin settles in Geneva and submits the city to a strict Christian rule. Francis Xavier, companion of Ignatius Loyola and the first missionary of the Counter-Reformation, sets sail from Lisbon.

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