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    • Blood alcohol concentration definition

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      • Blood alcohol concentration or BAC is the amount of alcohol contained in a person’s blood as measured per unit of volume. It is illegal in every state for a driver to operate a motorized vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher.
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  2. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is the percentage of alcohol in the blood. It is equivalent to Saliva Alcohol Concentration (SAC).DOT federally-mandated zero tolerance levels of 0.02% – 0.30% indicates impairment.

  3. Blood alcohol content (BAC), also called blood alcohol concentration or blood alcohol level, is a measurement of alcohol intoxication used for legal or medical purposes. A BAC of 0.10 (0.10% or one tenth of one percent) means that there is 0.10 g of alcohol for every 100 ml of blood, which is the same as 21.7 mmol/l.

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  4. Apr 15, 2020 · President Clinton called for a national limit of a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher to be established as a federal standard to define legal intoxication. Any person operating a vehicle with this BAC or higher would be operating the vehicle illegally, whether or not they displayed physical signs of being intoxicated.

  5. Alcohol-attributable fractions that are based on direct observations of the relationship between alcohol and a given health outcome. These estimates are generally based on the proportion of persons dying from a particular condition at or above a specified blood alcohol content or from follow-back studies that specifically assess prior alcohol ...

  6. The concentration of alcohol in breath and urine mirrors the concentration of alcohol in blood. This means that alcohol in breath can be detected, measured, and used to calculate a person's blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The BAC calculation is the standard means of determining the extent of a person's alcohol impairment.

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