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  1. Formal business letter. Give your business correspondence a professional polish with this accessible and classy letter template.

    • Environmental Charity Business Letter Template. Putting together an official letter for your nonprofit organization? Having branded letterheads for your business communications is the best way to go.
    • Graphic Design Business Letter Example. Looking for something a little more unique for your small business communications? This sample business letter is the perfect starting point for you.
    • Bank Business Letter Template. For more formal businesses, this sample business letter template is perfect for your communication. You can use this template to send a letter of recommendation, job offer letter, sales letter and more.
    • Children’s Healthcare Business Letter Template. A proper business letter doesn’t necessarily mean zero color. Take a page out of this sample business letter template created for a children’s healthcare charity.
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  3. This Sample Business Letters in the PDF format is sure to simplify the task for you. It will give you an idea of the format to follow and the sections to include in the letter. Free of cost, this is surely one of the most economical choices. Business Letter Template PDF Free Template Details File Format PDF Size: 633 KB Download

  4. Business letter writing differs from personal letters in that they are more formal in tone and writing style. However, the tone and style can vary greatly depending on the business letter format. Business letters serve a variety of purposes. They can be used to distribute or seek to obtain information. They can serve as apologies or for other troubleshooting strategies.

    • Business Offer Letter Template. Lee Arker. 98/32 Taylor Street. Canada 57654. (345) 985-3545. Date: 05-04-2000. To, Willie Aames. 87/72 Parker Park, Lynchburg 64564.
    • Business Complaint Letter Template. Quinton Aaron. 98/987 Aliquot Street. Minot AZ 95302. (837) 196-3274. Date: 01-01-2001. To, Wallace Ross. 313 Pellentesque Ave.
    • Business Letter Template of Intent. Bruce Lee. 98/654 In Part 2. Canada CA 8768. (324) 234-2342. Date: 01-01-2001. To, Bud Abbott. 89/98 Sit Avenue. Massachusetts 54654.
    • Business Reference Letter Template. Christopher Abbot. 98/98 Vel Av. Rhode 8798. (344) 345-3453. Date: 09-12-2011. To, Philips Abbott. 965/8 Gravida Street.
  5. Business letter. This accessible business letter template with a contemporary letterhead design and an attractive color scheme provides space for your company's name, address, and phone. This business letter template is fully customizable. Easily change the colors by using the design tab of the Word ribbon.

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