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  1. Urban Dictionary: boss playa › define

    boss playa. 1)A player with a bossy attitude . 2)Or mostly, the boss of all Playas. Dhem boyz Suge Knight and Tupac are some real boss playas. Get the boss playa neck gaiter and mug.

  2. Urban Dictionary: BO$$ Playa › define

    A real thug with shine and swagga who anyone can count on at any time of night. The most pimped crispy fresh clothing, pimped cars and bling that's so iced out it'll give you frost bite just from looking at it....that's BO$$ Playa

  3. Urban Dictionary: Boss Player › define

    someone with numerous mates that all know about each other. Look at her, she got three of her men right there together walking with her, Damn she a real boss player !!!! #player #playa #tha shit #pimpalisous #good. by Boss Player #1 December 01, 2011. Get a Boss Player mug for your brother Callisto.

  4. Slang Define: What is Schiznit? - meaning and definition › s › schiznit-2b59

    The Boss, King Playa, Big Lad - A person who is considered to have a high social standing. Im the Schiznit. See DirkDiggler. 2. something that is totally fly. yoooo, harry potter's new book is the schiznet!! 3. someone or something that is really cool or awesome. My best friend Ariel is the schiznit!!!! She is the schiznit.... That movie was the schiznit.

  5. MBP - Most Ballinest Playa | AcronymAttic › Most-Ballinest-Playa-(MBP)

    short for 'Most Ballinest Playa'.Somebody with nawlij and love for the pimp game. A boss playa.

  6. Urban Dictionary: bossomo › define

    Combination of bossome and awesomo; a boss and awesome way of saying something is boss and awesome.

  7. Urban Dictionary: boss pimp › define

    The biggest pimp around. Amazing/Influential member of the african american community.

  8. Juvenile – Gotta Get It Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Juvenile-gotta-get-it-lyrics

    Yup, I talk major Look at the light, it's like a Saturday night in Las Vegas Yup, I'ma boss playa cause I say I is I chase this money 24 hours everyday out here Gotta get it, gotta, gotta get it ...

  9. Playa. Videos - Metacafe › videos_about › playa

    Boss Playa. 0 posts 0 views ... Things That Define The Word "Crave-Worthy"! contentguru 25 May 2021 34 738; Share Gallery. Tweet Share on Facebook.

  10. Tulum Hotels Raided by Police - The Future of Mexico's ... › leisure › travel-guide

    Mar 07, 2017 · A new style—"flip-flops and diamonds"—came to define Tulum. And as Papaya Playa and other glorified hostels caught up with Malleville and Perlman, gradually the backpackers were priced out.

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