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  1. For the purpose of determining the amount and location of bracing required in each story level of a building, braced wall lines shall be designated as straight lines in the building plan placed in accordance with this section. R602.10.1.1Length of a braced wall line.

  2. Traditional wall bracing must consider many wall lines, wall line spacing, off-sets in wall lines, lengths of each wall line, and many various multipliers and bracing methods.

  3. There are various methods to achieve compliance with the prescriptive wall bracing provisions in the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC). The presentation will provide a systematic overview of the various methods of compliance, while focusing on commonly used structural panel and continuously sheathed options. Requirements for braced wall lines, braced wall panel length and location ...

  4. Finally, there is a tool to streamline the process to create Wall Bracing Plans that meet local building code. Create and modify wall lines and wall panels with real time feedback of calculations in an easy to use graphical interface.

  5. Based on share there are various types of bracing used in construction. Some of them are: 1. Diagonal Bracing: Diagonal bracing is one of the most fundamental types of bracing used in construction. This technique involves installing diagonal members, often made of steel, across the corners of a structure.

  6. In an effort to assist designers with the IRC wall bracing provisions, Simpson Strong-Tie has developed this calculator, which features inputs for all of the variables which are needed to determine the required bracing amount. Please note that while the calculator does simplify the process of determining the required bracing, it is intended for ...

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  8. › resources-wall-bracing-methodsWall Bracing Methods

    The IRC features 16 wall bracing methods that may be used for residential construction.

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