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    • 1. (of a company, college, city, or other body) founded or having its rights and privileges established by means of a charter: "a survey was sent to 100 or the largest chartered corporations"
    • 2. (of an aircraft, boat, or bus) having been rented for private use: "eighty journalists were flown in by chartered plane"
  2. a chartered accountant/surveyor/engineer. Topics Jobs c2. Want to learn more? Find out which words work together and produce more natural-sounding English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Try it for free as part of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app.

  3. See definition of chartered on as in constitutional as in established as in legal as in permitted as in privileged as in rented synonyms for chartered Compare Synonyms democratic lawful legal statutory representative approved ensured vested antonyms for chartered MOST RELEVANT illegal illegitimate illicit unlawful

  4. What do rock gods do when they travel? They charter their own plane, of course. Charter means you rent or lease a particular service or object. Anyone can charter something, though lesser mortals tend to limit themselves to buses.

  5. chartered chartered in British English (ˈtʃɑːtəd ) adjective (of a professional person) having attained certain professional qualifications or standards and acquired membership of a particular professional body Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers Examples of 'chartered' in a sentence chartered

  6. Charter definition: A document issued by a sovereign, legislature, or other authority, creating a public or private corporation, such as a city, college, or bank, and defining its privileges and purposes.

  7. adj. Of, relating to, or being an arrangement in which transportation is leased by a group of travelers for their exclusive, temporary use. tr.v. char·tered, char·ter·ing, char·ters. 1. To grant a charter to; establish by charter. 2. To hire or lease by charter: charter an oil tanker. 3.

  8. Chartered is used to indicate that someone, such as an accountant or a surveyor, has formally qualified in their profession. American English : certified / ˈsɜrtɪfaɪd / Brazilian Portuguese : graduado

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