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  1. ferocity : definition of ferocity and synonyms of ferocity ... › ferocity › en-en

    synonyms - ferocityreport a problem. ferocity (n.) act of violence, assault and battery, barbarity, brutality, crime of violence, cruelty, ferociousness, fierceness, furiosity, furiousness, fury, inhumanity, madness, nastiness, outrage, rage, savageness, savagery, vehemence, venomousness, viciousness, violence, violent crime, violent offence, wickedness, wildness.

  2. ferocity - definition and meaning › words › ferocity

    noun The quality of being ferocious; ferocious or fierce character or disposition; savage wildness or fierceness; fury; cruelty: as, the ferocity of barbarians. noun = Syn, Savageness, barbarity, inhumanity, ruthlessness, mercilessness, brutality.

  3. ferocious - definition and meaning › words › ferocious

    Of a fierce or cruel nature; savage; wild; rapacious: as, a ferocious disposition; ferocious savages; a ferocious lion. Indicating or expressive of ferocity: as, a ferocious look. Synonyms Untamed, cruel, fell, ruthless, relentless, pitiless, merciless, brutal, inhuman, sanguinary, bloody, furious.

  4. furiosity : definition of furiosity and synonyms of furiosity ... › furiosity › en-en

    synonyms - furiosityreport a problem. furiosity (n.) ferocity, fierceness, furiousness, fury, madness, rage, vehemence, violence, wildness.

  5. 1027 English sentences using 'ferocity' › sentences_using_ferocity

    Web Definitions for 'ferocity': The property of being wild or turbulent; "the storm's violence" [ source ] (ferocious) marked by extreme and violent energy; "a ferocious beating"; "fierce fighting"; "a furious battle" [ source ]

  6. Synonyms for sadism in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for sadism. 22 synonyms for sadism: cruelty, savagery, brutality, severity, ferocity, spite, ruthlessness, depravity ...

  7. Translation of ferocity in Japanese | English-Japanese dictionary › ferocity › en-ja

    ferocity (n.) ↗ ferocious , fierce , furious , high , ill-intentioned , malevolent , malicious , malignant , rough , savage , spiteful , wild analogical dictionary

  8. 36 Words related to BESTIALITY, BESTIALITY Synonyms ... › 2018/10/36-words

    Oct 07, 2018 · Synonyms of bestiality . animalism: : animality . animality: : a quality or nature associated with animals:

  9. English to Swedish Meaning of ferocity - swedish.english ... › english-to

    (2) the ferocity of the storm caught them by surprise (3) All the way down from Glasgow there is a downpour of such ferocity that I fear for my life. (4) Asked about why this issue was so close to her heart, the full ferocity of her anger really takes off. (5) Sandstorms are hardly novel in Beijing, but the sheer ferocity of these tempests was.

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